April 1st, 2009



Apparently the ASif website has a trojan virus on it currently. I'd suggest avoiding the site til I can get it fixed.

Ramping it up

So I have officially hit Survival Mode. I have x number of things to get done by the end of Swancon and hopefully x numbered timeslots in various and finite timesteps that will mean x=0 by the end of Swancon. But it also means that I can't focus on anything not on the list or fit anything new in. Stuff for Swancon is not finished yet. And we have Pesach from Weds next week which means no work for me on the Weds and Thurs nights and I have to do all sorts of food things etc.

And I am cutting off deadweight too - which sadly meant that I had to drop movie number 4 from the schedule this week. Am sad but it was on at 8.45pm tomorrow and I was going with J which has its on baggage etc. Better to either get things done or catch up on sleep in that timeslot. I'm pretty tired, pushing work sessions out quite late. But I was thinking today that I can't possibly be more tired than people getting up to kids in the night. I complain a lot but at least I have a defined end point. And my line managed already made me book in annual leave for the Tuesday after Swancon so ... sleep in!!

And the day job has gotten really full on lately. I think I just heard today that my contract is being extended out to the end of September. I am very happy about that. I really love this job. It's crazy and full on but exactly doing what are my expertise. Which is so cool. I'm on 3 separate technical advisory groups which is very cool. At first it was kinda intimidating but there are so many people out there floating around that I know from postgrad. It's pretty weird. Twice recently I have gone to new meetings and found consultants who were postdocs when I was studying. And in one meeting, I raised a point and one of them said ... ahh good, yes was just about to ask what [Agency] thought of that. And I was so glad I nailed that before I got the prompt question!!! [1] I've been working hard at networking in this role for the last 6 months or so and now I can finally go into (interagency) meetings and know half the room. And be able to schmooze with people in the tea breaks of meetings and stuff.

Today we went to a presentation and a lot of people I have known or am now working with on these groups and projects were in the audience and I totally asked a question. Well actually, it was more than a question. I clarified a scientific point that the presenter had made and was pointedly directing that (my clarification) as a response to a question one of the other old postdocs had asked from across the room (which would have had other political repercussions down the track and which I wanted to head off now) and the presenter agreed with me. Or acknowledged that the conclusion wasn't quite right and that wouldn't quite be how you would regulate and manage the thing. So cool! I never ever speak in those things and NEVER when there are more than 50 people in the room. And a ton of people who I come into contact with in this new role (including the presenter, I met her at a meeting yesterday) both in and out of my agency were there. And I validated why I am the expert on this. So weird to be HERE in life. So very very weird. And weird to be over my fear of public speaking too.

And I was thinking how this is exactly where I was aiming to be. I mean, you always are facing a direction and you don't want to stay in one place forever. But as a little girl I always imagined I'd be this like scientist and I would dress in snappy clothes and shoes and take a briefcase into meetings and be all snappy and argue my case for "things". And here I am. Doing that! And it's really weird to have finally gotten here. I'm sure things looked grim for a while. And my contract is only till Sept for now. But right now I get up every day and come to this job cause I love it. I really really do.

[1] Email me if you know who these people could be and what clarification. Was cool, anyway.



A bunch of pics:

The new vase - though it looks both whiter and more purple here. It's dustier without the flash.

Finally! The new pair of shoes.

The pair of socks I knitted during the final editing and proofing of New Ceres Nights. Also the first pair of socks finished this year and the first pair I have made for me in a few years - these are made from hand dyed yarn in a colourway called Downpour by Blue Moon Fibre Arts

New pair just cast on in time for concentration on A Book of Endings and Horn. Also for me (NY resolutions about doing more craft projects for me this year). And the colourway is Mud Slide also by BMFA.