April 3rd, 2009


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I mentioned ages ago that my Fairy (ala How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier) was falling on my feet job/careerwise. I never worry about it cause it just sorts itself out. See previous post on how much I love my current job.

Anyway, as I lay this evening on the bed in the studio of my massage therapist from work and had an awesome massage, I had time to think on things. Namely how even though it's taken 10 years, I think I have finally come full circle. And how the right people who I should know in life just find me. I don't have to try and I don't have to work at it, they just all fit into place. I met L at work as the corporate massage therapist and here I was at her home tonight having the special massage and organising to do it regularly and then signing up for her Weds yoga class and I happen to know she is someone who is going to stay in my life as a good friend. And who has come in to my life right at the right time - when I am at this point in my journey and am ready for life maintenance stuff like regular yoga and mind and relaxation techniques etc.

So it occurs to me that ... the bit that I make difficult is worrying about things. Cause they all work out in the end. The things I try to make work, the ones that are square pegs that I jam into round holes? They never work out anyway and the more I try the more munted they get and the more they hurt in the end. So really, I should just ... not worry right? I should let go and let it all just happen. Cause the opposite doesn't help anyway.

And that is where my head is this evening. And interested to see how the massage goes - she worked on my stomach a bit and it gave me a tickle in my throat.