April 4th, 2009

new ceres nights


Well I took the day at a leisurely pace. I even slept in, for a Saturday. Alas, I think I have been very productive - which feels weird because I don't feel tired.

I treated myself to a bowl of coffee at my fave Sat brunch place and worked through 50 pp of a manuscript I am assessing. Then I went to Woollies and did a massive shop - bought baking stuff and other stuff for Swancon and then also my weekly foodshop. I'm trying to move more and more into gluten free (can't give it up cold turkey), less processed sugars and carbs and more fruits and so on. Some weeks I am good, others less so. This coming week has Pesach in it so ... tough for those of us who can't eat Matza. I'll see how I go. Guess what I did find though - OMG - gluten free two minute noodles!!! When I first was sick with Crohns - 10 years ago now, you couldn't buy hardly anything gluten free. Now you can get freaking 2 minute noodles by a mainstream brand name. The world it is a-changing.

I came home and unpacked the shopping and cleaned out my fridge. Then I hoofed it off to run some postal type errands and then to my Mum's who helped me with the Swancon book launch baking. We made two kinds of cupcakes and a fudge slice thing. Tomorrow we do the gluten free stuff and then we will be done. I'm going to help her with some Pesach baking too.

Now I am almost out the door to dinner with D and then the last french Film of the season (for us)- Paris 36.

I feel like I should feel tired but I don't.