April 5th, 2009


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THE mass murderer behind the horrific New York civic centre massacre was a "coward" who wore a ballistic vest, police today revealed.

Vietnamese migrant Jiverly Wong, who also used the surname Wong, 41, had protected himself with a vest before opening fire on classrooms full of immigrants sitting citizenship tests on Saturday.

After shooting dead 13 people and wounding four more at the American Cvici Association in upstate New York, he shot himself dead with a bullet to his head.

"He must have been a coward," Bimghamton police chief Joesph Zikuski said.


I don't watch much news anymore. I gave it up over New Years and enjoyed the peace and calmness without the soundbytes of hysterian and I just never looked to hook back in. Which is funny for a news junkie like me. Anyway, on my flist I caught wind that they're been another shooting in the US and I must admit I find these a curious thing so I went looking and found the above quote.

I think that people like to make scary people less scary. Make them look more like a known quantity. But it strikes me that a man who wore a ballistic vest into a mass murder followed by a suicide was not a coward but rather a control freak. He didn't want anyone to take him out till *he* was done. Til he finished what he went there to do.

Mass shootings are a sad and horrible thing. And I feel badly for the victims. One day, the USA is going to realise that the right to bear arms entitles loonies to bear arms and those are the ones most likely to use them.


Brief chillin'

Less than an hour left before enslaught of next batch on the to do list.

Last night was perfect for sitting at a sidewalk table at a restaurant, sippping a cosmopolitan, eatting dinner and chatting with D whilst a light breeze hinted at the waning summer days. We saw the last French Film on our to do list - Paris 36 which actually, when you read the french was called Fauborg 36. Clearly dumbed down for us non French audience :) It was a nice film - gentle and subtle - which means it was 6 hours too long for the plot. All this led to a powerful and moving ending but I could have done with a 30 min cut in the middle.

Caught up on a goodly amount of sleep. Had a really odd dream about being in LA and on some tour of a (really bad) sitcom backlot and the whole time only being vaguely interested in costuming (which was where we were most of the time - enormous fabric and haberdashery warehouse and skimpy underwear *shrug*) because my mobile phone wasn't working and I wanted to get my sim card into a phone that was charged to see if "Brad" had messaged me. And I was going to buy clothing souvenirs on the way out of LA.


Had the funniest thing happen to me yesterday. Was popping in to the post office to run some errands and had my usual back and forth with the postmaster. I was faffing around cause I wanted to get a better deal on my international postage envelopes - was there a discount if I bought 10 etc. And he was out the back checking for bulk then made me go get 10 myself from inside the shop etc. Anyway, in the midst of this he went to serve another customer who was making a cash deposit. That was a bit of a thing cause he kept stuffing up the counting. And afterwards, we were walking to the post boxes to get my mail and he whispers to me, "You see that guy who made the deposit?"
"Yeah," I reply.
"He's a gigolo."
"WHAT!" I squeal. "No way! You think that was last night's takings?"
"Heh, we have a few who come in. That guy and a couple of women. That was probably last night's takings."
"Well," I reply, "you do have an interesting job! Lucky you're not a policeman anymore!!"

Heh. That had me laughing for ages. For the record, the man in question was very nondescript, save being quite tall. My mind is wandering as to his skills ...

Ahh well, must get back to it. Off to bake more fudge and gluten free cupcakes and then for a costume fitting at the awesomely talented lyzbeth's studio.

busy busy busy

You'd think since I got a book to the printer's last week, things would have calmed down a bit out my way. But for some reason, Ben informs me, A Book of Endings is supposed to be at layout in 5 weeks so I have actually been editing these last few days at about half NCN-in-its-final-days pace. Except for yesterday. Phew! I'm trying to get all the items currently on my list done before Seder (weds night) so that they can work as they please over the Easter weekend, if they choose, without me holding them up. That means 1 story to edit, 2 to proof and 2 to signoff for layout. Assuming they don't send me anything on their lists in the meantime! Editing ping pong!!

Just a note to anyone who purchased New Ceres Nights via Lulu - we had a problem with the pdf but it should all now be fixed. If your purchase was refunded, please go ahead and reorder!

Spent today baking for the rest of the NCN launch among things. Actually my Mum helped me today and yesterday - she helped think up a lot of the recipes and we had fun with variations. I would totally have lost momentum without her and together we got a lot done in a short amount of time. Her back seems so much better these days - she had to rest through it but I thought she seemed in much less pain than I have seen her (she has a chronic back problem that has really slowed her down in the last few years). Was very funny overhearing her on the phone to my sister in the middle - "yes, yes, we're just baking for Swancon" and hearing my sister not needing explanation in the background. Have geekified my family. This can only be good.

I also popped over to lyzbeth's who made me a costume for the NCN launch. She is seriously amazingly awesome - made me a gorgeous top and two skirts in one day. And made several other costumes as well. Seriously talented woman! I just need to sort my bustle and I think I am ready for the launch, dress wise. I have a couple of other things to sort out for it. Books to actually have to launch. Swancon Short Story winners to decide. A couple of publicity things to print out. And I think we might actually be ready for Swancon. I think. I hope :)

In other news, I already announced it on Facebook and my landlady saw it there and I saw her today and she didn't say NO so ... I am adopting a doggie after Swancon. His name is Benji and he is a bichon frise. He is 2 years old and has come from an abusive broken home. He will need time to get used to men - but all the men I can think of who come to my house are very calm and nonthreatening so I think that should be fine. He has a limp but I'm not going to hold that against him :) Actually he only developed the limp after running around at the place he has been rescued to so they are going to xray it and sort out all of that before I take him. That's fine with me. I don't think Swancon is the best time to settle a new dog into a home. I am so glad to be able to adopt Benji and I really believe in the program where he comes from - Poundwatch rescue dogs from the RSPCA who put the unhomed dogs to sleep after a certain number of days (not sure if its 60 days?). Our family dog was rescued that way and he is utterly gorgeous and lovely and its heartbreaking to think what could have happened to him.

In any case, soon I am no longer going to be the only life rattling around inside my house.