April 6th, 2009



I have a headache. Had it all day. Didn't sleep well - check it out, full moon coming up. Third month in a row. Surely this is not a coincidence. But I have been sleeping with an eyemask so it's not a light issue.

Crap meeting was crap - listening to people being aggressive and combative, even when not directed in your direction is stressful.

Picked up the NCN proof. Spine needs tweaking but it's pretty much ready to go. There is nothing like holding a new book, not yet assembled. Seeing it for the first time and being the first person to see it for the first time (sorry T!).

Did more work. Our new boss starts Weds and we found out today.

Did a ton of editing on A Book of Endings. Started the short story comp judging. And 8 chapters left of the manuscript I am assessing.

I think it is ok to go to bed now?

Early start tomorrow - my line manager is picking me up from home and she is ALWAYS early for everything. Should factor that in.

BSG - up to mid Season 2

Just watched the episode Pegasus which I had seen before. I think this is almost the last ep I've seen the first time round. I've been saving up a lot of my thoughts on the show. I'm enjoying it but its not without flaws, which are a bit hard to miss watching all together like this.

However, watching from a feminist view point is a bit rough. Collapse )

I *like* this show, I do. I'm inhaling it at great speed. But it's not pro women as far as I can tell and it's probably more interesting for dissection. That said, I still think it's one of the strongest SF shows we've seen in the last few years. I'm just hanging out to see one where we don't have to always beat down and overthrow the women. Last show I can think of that was feminist must have been Voyager? Farscape was ok?