April 7th, 2009


More on BSG

Something that I find really intriguing is how noone questions the idea of preserving the status quo. In the beginning when they were on the run, I suppose it made sense for the fleet to follow Adama, he was really the only one who had any idea how to defend against the Cylons and how to function in war time. But as time moves on, I find it interesting how it all still functions that way - like how disagreeing with Adama becomes an act of treason - it's a bit like how reality TV only works if the contestants never question. If they decide that they aren't going to do what Big Brother says, then they're be no show - that is that they have more power than they think they do but they don't use it. Same I guess is how I feel about the rest of the Colonial Fleet. It's interesting how people keep referring to things as being thei "job" when it's like not, anymore. Yet so too, I can see why - if you let anarchy reign, with no plan for where they are going and what they will do when they get there, that would be a pretty depressing outlook.


How does my body know a con is coming up? I've been pulling late work nights for weeks now - maybe 6 weeks and it's been ooookay as long as I got one or two good sleeps in on the weekend. Now all of a sudden, the end is in sight - the Tuesday after Easter - and my throat has been sore for hours, I feel a bit conjested, my mother called and thinks I sound like I am getting a cold and I have a tickle in my throat. Ben would say - well of course, it's right before a con. But seriously!!! ARGH!

Gonna log off now and try for some sleep.

Loooong work day. Then did several chapters of this mauscript. Proofed two shorts for BoE. And sorted some NCN things.

Tomorrow is a big work day - our new boss starts. And I have lots of work to do, having been out of the office today. And seder tomorrow night.