April 8th, 2009



Ah life... if I talk to you in French and imagine a jaunty tune in the background, can we pretend we are strolling along the Seine and not manically running with the bulls?

Which is to say, I have a lot on. Every moment between now and Sunday noon is scheduled. Things are taking their allotted time for completion cause there is no other time than the window they are scheduled for. Procrastination is not in this week's vocabulary.

But wanted to stop and say - I have the most awesome of friends and am having the best conversations at the moment. Even if they are a little bit spread out across days due to having so little damn time on my hands at the moment.


Chag Sameach!

Ahh Tupperware Illusions how I love thee! You look snazzy and you're practical.

Armed with my fruit salad I am off to recount the Exodus of Egypt, friends. Hopefully we make it to the land of milk and honey and thus get to eat my sister's chocolate mousse.

Be well my friends! Chag Sameach to those chagging and be well over this dietarily trying times!