April 9th, 2009

new ceres nights

New Ceres Nights at Swancon

I've had a couple of people contact me and cause I'm flat out, and don't have access to Facebook till tonight, I just wanted to blog here that New Ceres Nights launches at 5pm in Montana A on Saturday. Come prepared for some New Ceresian atmosphere and a sample of the Prosperine goings on.

But we will of course have the book available for sale if you can't make it to the launch or you get carried away in the goings on in Madame Genevieve's coffee house.

Come find the Twelfth Planet Press table upstairs all weekend except for Market Day where you can find us ... at Market Day!

See you at Swancon if you're coming, if not ... hopefully will see you somewhere else, real soon!


Coming Attractions: Horn by Peter M Ball

Coming in June 2009
by Peter M Ball


There’s a dead girl in a dumpster and a unicorn on the loose – and no-one knows how bad that combination can get better than Miriam Aster. What starts as a consulting job for city homicide quickly becomes a tangled knot of unexpected questions, and working out the link between the dead girl and the unicorn will draw Aster back into the world of the exiled fey she thought she’d left behind ten years ago. All in all, Miriam Aster isn’t happy. The last time she worked a case like this it cost her a badge, a partner, and her life.
This time things are going to get much, much worse.

new ceres nights

New Ceres Nights

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a book!

All preordered copies of New Ceres Nights went out in this evening's post or got put aside ready for pick up tomorrow at Swancon.

Come past our table at Swancon and have a look at our new shiny!


Have had to admit head hurts too much to do more work. Will have to pick it up tomorrow.

But ... clearing out emails. And ... I am getting a dog kennel next week (from a friend who no longer needs it). Is it weird that I have the kennel before I definitely have the dog?