April 15th, 2009


Gone home!

Grr... popped out to grab some lunch and ended up in a car accident and then whilst exchanging details with the other driver, locked my keys in the car. waited over an hour for the RAC to come, they didn't.

On the other hand, the accident happened in a car park at low speeds and the other driver was really really nice. He let me use his phone to call the RAC and he offered to wait with me whilst they came - I declined, who wants to stand in the sun for an hour when they don't have to? 4 people checked on me whilst I was waiting for the RAC and the final person was a supermarket floor manager and called some of the guys out from the supermarket to fix the problem. These lovely guys did in fact fix the problem and I may now have learned how to fix this problem myself - they didn't use a coathanger. It was very Macguyver and cool.

I am a bit sore. My car looked dubious to make the journey across the freeway so I have to organise for a tow. And I am a bit worried about lack of transport.

C'est la vie, eh?

ETA: I'm always paranoid about the language you are supposed to use in these situations so I just arranged for the tow truck to go "pick up my car which got itself into an accident". Silly thing.

ETA 2: Possibly solved transport problem (AND issue of my sister leaving her old car at my place such that it no longer starts and she won't come and move it)

Swancon 36 for Natcon

So you might have noticed that I didn't blog about a big project we had in the pipelines - our bid for Swancon 36 in 2011. "We" comprises me, talmor, catundra, editormum, lyzbeth, vodkandlime and a mutual friend of ours for Treasurer. Cause after all the complaining we've heard about the job over the last few years, we figured we'd get an accountant :)

At the WASFF AGM, as part of our pitch, we mentioned that we intended to bid for the Natcon if we were successful. So expect to see me smiling in your direction and asking for your vote in the meeting in Adelaide in June and come to WA in 2011 for:


And in other fannish news

Point 1. It's my favourite season: The Ditmars!!!!!!

Nominations are now open for the Ditmars. Go ahead and nominate your favorite works in all the categories. And then later on, vote, if you are eligible, on the final ballot. Did you know that more people nominate than vote in many of the Ditmar categories?! Democracy only works if you vote!!!!
Nominate by emailing your nominations to: ditmars@conjecture2009.org

Point 2. NAFF nominations are open - NAFF is a fan exchange program and is a great way for fans across Australia to be able to go to non-local Natcons. It's a great chance to experience other Australian cons and meet other Australian fans. Interested parties should do the following:

Be nominated by three fans, including at least one from their own state/territory and provide a bond of $20. In addition, each nominated fan is required to provide a 100 word (max) description indicating what they could bring to interstate fans and a brief description of their past experience in fandom. It is expected that the winner will produce a report of their trip, engage in fundraising to support future NAFF races, and to help administer the NAFF race for the following two years.

Nominations can be sent to NAFF at fanboy@gmail.com or given in person to one of the NAFF representatives at any one of the many functions you might find them. Representatives are Sue Ann Barber (VIC), Emma Hawkes and Grant Watson (WA). For more information contact Grant Watson at fanboy@gmail.com

Point 3. This year's DUFF race has taken off. DUFF is a fan exchange program between Australian and North American fans and this year will pay to send an Aussie fan to Anticipation, Worldcon in Montreal. This year's race has some awesome candidates to check out and voting costs a small donation to contribute to the fund. Vote - vote for who you like or vote for noone or everyone or whatever. But vote. Voting is good. And the cause is good. And one day you might like to run, so support the program.



For my birthday, T got us white tshirts with this TPP logo on the front and our website address on the back.

I thought they looked awesome but my favourite bit was G's in an itty bitty size that she proceeded to get paint or texta on in the kids room. Cause it says something like:

Twelfth Planet Press: we're not afraid of getting paint on our shirts.


Twelfth Planet Press: we colour outside the lines.