April 16th, 2009


And the lesson here is -

- harden the fuck up, princess.

Yesterday was the kind of day that the ex would have just sorted out for me. I'm thinking of this because it took about an hour for my mother and I to figure out that the current insurance broker doesn't handle my car insurance even though he does my house and contents. It slowly dawned on me that the ex had transferred my car insurance to his broker when we were together (because he handled such things) and I hadn't done anything about that since.

So my mother dropped me home and left me to deal with the insurance etc. Which I did cause yo, that's not that hard. I sorted the claim, chose a panel beater, booked the car in and organisd the tow. Dealt with the other driver. And then eventually figured out how to sort a car to borrow (with my mum's help) and organised that today (need to put a new car battery in my sister's car that she has abandoned at my place - long and uninteresting story). None of this is particularly hard (except for phone fear) and none of it is beyond my capabilities as a strong and independent woman.


But what did just occur to me is that never in the last 24 hours did I get upset that I was single and didn't have someone else to sort it out for me. Or take care of me. Or whatever. I took each problem as it was presented to me and I dealt with it. Like a grown up. Like an independent woman.

This is what they refer to as "progress", isn't it?


ditmars ditmars ditmars

I did say it was Ditmars season, the most enjoyable of all the fannish seasons, to me :)

i_ate_my_crusts has just posted here about the rumours going round about bloc voting. And well, I've got a position on such things. What? No! Really?

Firstly, I am really interested to see how this year's voting goes with the new Ditmar SubCommittee (or whatever it's called, Dave? Where are you?) Seeing how things change when run differently is academically interesting. Plus, leaving the running ofthe Ditmars out of the stress of running a Natcon is nice.

Secondly, i_ate_my_crusts is another member of the Ditmar SubCommittee and so I am really interested to hear what she has to say on the other side of this Holiest of Festivals.

Thirdly, for several years now, I have been asking for the numbers of nominations and votes to be made public. I have heard scuttlebutt and rumour and have seen some information myself about the fact that almost noone nominates. You will recall that I mentioned that more people voted in the last GUFF race than in the last Ditmars. Just as a point of comparison. And you have to *pay* to vote for GUFF.

Since the numbers have never been made public, I want to say that from what I know, more people nominate for the Ditmars (and in like thier own category of interest only - as in, I nominate the novel I wrote, that's it) than actually vote for the winner. And that in some categories, so few nominations and votes are lodged that it takes less than the fingers on your right hand to a) get on the ballot and b) in some cases win a Ditmar.

Given the above, I suggest we focus less on bloc-nominating which could actually end up being you and a friend both talking about the fan work you like and going and nominating for the same work separately and more on GETTING MORE PEOPLE TO NOMINATE AT ALL.

Have YOU nominated for the Ditmars yet?


Ditmars Voting Eligibility

Just to follow on from a comment in the last post - if you are unsure if you are eligible to nominate works, email the subcommittee. If you think they may not know who you are, and if I know who you are, please feel free to use my (real) name on your form. Or ask the subcommittee to contact me. I don't mind - I love elections.

Ditmar ballot voting requires you to be a member of the current Natcon or the one immediatley prior ie if you went to Swancon last year, you can vote in the Ditmars this year.

And you have to be a natural human so cylons cannot nominate.


Susan Boyle on Britain's You've Got Talent

After being sent the link and seen it on my flist a ton of times, I finally got round to watching the clip of Susan Boyle singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables, on Britain's You've Got Talent:


I procrastinated on this cause I knew how it was going to go - oh look, fat or ugly person who comes out and wows everyone by their great voice. I don't need my assumptions to be challenged thankyouverymuch. Who ever said that being an older, less attractive woman who has never been married means you can't sing? Why would I draw a link between appearance and voice? Or any form of expression of talent/creativity? It seems somewhat high school cliquish to think that only the pretty people get to be good and successful at life. Yawn.

However, you should watch this clip because her voice *is* beautiful and pure and if nothing else, the entire audience of this show get shown to be the wankers that they are.


Confession Time

I'll trade you - one of mine for one of yours?

So remember when I said I was gonna take a break from my lovelife? Well I've kinda done that. Sort of. Like, if you count unrequited love as taking a break. Ahem.

What are you not fessing up to?