April 17th, 2009


Mopping up

Trying hard not to be annoyed that Tehani is more organised than me. I mean, it's a *good* thing. She has all the information right where you need it and well before you realise that you do. It's just ... well ... I'm competitive, you know. Imagine if we took *that* to a competitive level. And if others got caught in the crossfire.

ETA: It's payday at TPP for everyone but me.

On women and ageing

Discussion here and elsewhere about Susan Boyle reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine recently who said that she's suddenly become invisible. I have heard women talk about this before and certainly I have seen many discussions on Oprah (where all good information comes from) with prominent women in Hollywood about how they hit a certain age and suddenly they no longer get offered any of the interesting roles.

Over the weekend at Swancon, my friends were teasing me (I think) about us being the "conservative" bid for the 2011 con. And comments were thrown around about us being "experienced" and "mature" and that meaning that we were "old". They were teasing me cause the idea of being conservative was a bit distressing to me - I've never been called conservative in my life! And this reminds me of a brunch I had with my Mum and one of her close friends a year or two ago when they said ... you never really get conservative, it's just that they move the goalposts on you. And that makes me wonder, did the goalposts get moved on me???

But all this has me wondering. I'm used to hanging out, in fandom at least, with people who consider me to be the young one. Did I just transition? Did I just get OLD?!?! Actually, I think I have a couple more years left in me yet but I am starting to worry about this "becoming invisible" thing that many of my friends talk about. I don't think I'd like it all that much.

Do people really stop paying attention to you?
ball of yarn

New Craft Project

I was vaguely thinking about knitting specific projects in Swancon and WASFF meetings as a way of marking time. But our first Swancon meeting is tomorrow and that would mean I have to think about this, like now, in order to have my materials etc ready to take with me.