April 19th, 2009


Day off to work

I set today aside to catch up on work. Sigh. Still untangling TPP financial records. And I have two book deadlines that I am trying to meet. And I cannot seem to climb to the top of Email Mountain.

This afternoon though I am going doggie paraphernalia shopping in preparation for doggie adoption next Saturday. This week he is getting desexed and all his shots and whatnot. Saturday we go and pick him up and then I will be a dog owner.



I love semi-prozines and think the award category should stay. I'm not going to Worldcon this year to vote but would if I could.

ball of yarn

Craft Project

Haven't decided the exact rules for the Con Meeting Knitting Project - does commute time count? The lovely lyzbeth picked me up and we stopped for takeaway coffees for the drive. My parents' fave Sat morning brunch place was on the way so we popped in there and found like more than 8 kinds of gluten free biscuit varieties!!! Which means I drank coffee and chatted instead of knitting.

editormum took a snap of the skein of yarn for project one and then lyzbeth and I spent most of the meeting balling it up - I almost never can ball up a skein without it getting tangled and I haven't worked out how to use my ball winder properly. Plus since I was chairing the meeting, I had stuff to do and some notes to make and stuff.

So end of meeting 1 (5 hours long), skein of yarn was balled, first sock cast on and 3 rows of the ribbed cuff knit.

ETA: I should probably move posts about this to my knitting blog :)

Sunday nuthin doin

So I am now dog prepared - I have bedding, toys, treats that sweeten breath, food, bowls and collar and leash. My Mum came with me and I must admit I became suddenly quite uncomfortable about buying items to deliberate restrain another sentient being for the sole purpose of complying to my will. My mother just bowled over that and continued with the task at hand.

In other news, I am sitting on the couch, working in my living room working for the first time in definitely three months. It's quite nice in here. It has foxtel and everything.


UGh - Tax Hell, revisit

I made a promise to myself after the last tax hell pain that I would get the rest of my finances sorted when I finished lodging my taxes so that by June 30, my 08/09 taxes would be ready to lodge and I would have systems in place for TPP such that it would only require updates with each sale/payment and so on. And I also wanted to do a proper and serious personal budget.

I'm not quite sure where in all of that I thought this wouldn't hurt as much as the 07/08 one did. Cause it does. And actually it hurts more cause I have more projects in TPP to balance for 08/09 than I did for 07/08. Whyohwhyohwhy do I not put receipts all in the one place??? Why do I assume that deposits showing up on my bank statement will be clear enough?? They aren't. GRrrr. And still sorting through the rest of receipt mountain.

I so need to get better at this.