April 21st, 2009


Rocking out the Ditmar Vote - Short Stories/Novellas

Pimping Aussie Short Stories today. Here's the collective Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth's best of 2008 short story reading list:

The Last Great House of Isla Tortuga...Peter M. Ball (Dreaming Again)
On the Finding of Photographs of My Former Loves... Peter M. Ball (Fantasy)
As We Know It... Lyn Battersby (Borderlands #10)
The Metawhore's Tale... Lee Battersby (Canterbury 2100)
Seven Ages of the Protagonist... Deborah Biancotti (Scary Food)
Watertight Lies... Deborah Biancotti (2012)
Oh Russia... Simon Brown (2012)
The Empire... Simon Brown (Dreaming Again)
A Thousand Natural Shocks... Simon Brown (Borderlands #10)
Neverland Blues... Adam Browne (Dreaming Again)
The Glass Girl Looks Back... Stephanie Campisi (Shimmer)
A Pox on All Your Houses... Stephanie Campisi (Dog vs Sandwich)
The Gnomogist's Tale... Matthew Chrulew (Canterbury 2100)
Crystal Nights... Greg Egan (Interzone #215)
Angel Rising... Dirk Flinthart (Twelfth Planet Press)
This is Not My Story... Dirk Flinthart (ASIM #37)
Her Collection of Intimacy... Paul Haines (Black #2)
Creeping in Reptile Flesh... Robert Hood (Creeping in Reptile Flesh)
Unravelling... Robert Hood (Creeping in Reptile Flesh)
The New Deal... Trent Jamieson (Dreaming Again)
Machine Maid... Margo Lanagan (Extraordinary Engines)
The Goosle... Margo Lanagan (Del Rey Book of SF/F)
The Janus's Tale... Penelope Love (Canterbury 2100)
The Constant Past... Sean McMullen (Dreaming Again)
The Funeral, Ruined... Ben Peek (Paper Cities)
David Bowie... Ben Peek (2012)
I Love You Like Water... Angela Slatter (2012)
The Hummingbird Heart... Angela Slatter (Shimmer)
Palisade... Cat Sparks (Clockwork Phoenix)
Ass-Hat Magic Spider... Scott Westerfeld (The Starry Rift)


tra la la

I'm trying to be upbeat about RL. Thank you for the emails and messages. I'm slowly working through and replying - hampered by the fact that I hate job hunting and thinking about job hunting. But a lot of definite places and suggestions to follow up so I shall very soon get started.

Plus, I didn't get fired. I just didn't get a contract extension. And neither did 16 others. And I still have 5 months to work, which is almost as long as many of the contracts I've had in this place. So ... yeah. Just have to figure out what I am doing after that since this time I am almost certainly moving on at the end of the contract. And I'm sad about that. But this team and the vibe that we had is also going, so change will be happening here no matter what (I hate change).

Onto better things! I am very impressed with JB HiFi - I went in on Saturday, found out they were sold out of BSG S3 but they were happy to order me in one from another suburban store. I figured that was the quickest option, left my details and was told it would take about a week. Last night, I popped past the parents' on my way home and got a text, must have been well after 5, *from* JB HiFi telling me that my DvDs were in. I LOVE that kind of service! And since I have finally checked out the Malaga store, think I may just well be a convert.

I hope to get there by Thursday. But I also have to swing past the printers' and pick up the other couple of NCN boxes (long story) so might not be till the weekend. NEED my DVDs though.

Tonight I am off to a pretty swank dinner at the Sandcastle with jbaby77 and B. I think it's Middle Eastern food and a special menu. Should be nice. Tomorrow night I organised a work dinner (I missed the last one I organised on account of, well, *ahem*, nevermind) so I should make sure I attend this one! Is Indian food. And then another dinner on Friday night for catundra's bday. I am busy this week, that's for sure! *eyes editing pile sheepishly*