April 22nd, 2009


Dear Writer

I attempt to slush submissions in a quick and orderly fashion. Sometimes, I get behind because I run my press in my spare time and I neither get paid nor make a profit. I attempt to respond within 30 days. Sometimes I take longer and that's because I am holding onto your story to think about it or because I think I might like to buy it.

Withdrawing your story because I did not slush it fast enough (10 days) is not a punishment to me. It's kind of a really lovely gift.

So, thank you!

Your Editor


2012 Review

bluetyson took us up on the free ecopy of 2012 for Ditmar nominators. And this is what he thought of it:

A solid and well polished anthology. At 3.36 and no weak stories a cut above the run of the mill original theme anthology, presuming you don't mind very near future SF of course. Or hate Australia (feel free to shoot yourself into the sun, now, if you do).

A little better than I thought it would be, and if you want to get highly specific, call it a 3.65 out of 5.

I like the Flinthart the most. Speaking of most, this lot largely has books, Flinthart is just as talented, if not more than some, so hopefully he'll get one too, Angel Rising notwithstanding.


vague thoughts

Editing something completely else but just remembered how I'd heard on the radio this morning about how the local Fijian media are still being censored. Thought it was nicely pertinent to Kaaron Warren's story in 2012 called "Ghost Jail". If you haven't read it, and are eligible for nominating for the Ditmars, check it out or drop past here and take us up on the free ecopy of the book.

Nicely done with the near future aspects, I reckon, Kaaron!


Out and about

Back from work dinner tonight that was my turn to organise. I went with Annalakshmi, which whilst the food was very good and the hosts were more than accomodating, I think it's lost some of the vibe it originally had and there were only really two curries and then rice and bits and pieces. And it seems what everyone knew (and hence were queuing like mad) was that they run out of dessert. Course I didn't mind cause that was not one I would eat anyway (am a texture eater and don't consider rice, of any consistency, to be dessert).

Annalakshmi is vegetarian, by donation and dry and that proved to be slightly challenging for a work dinner (with partners) night out. There were moments of awkwardness, let's say that. And then I had to pull out the antics to make the crowd laugh at me and not realise what a crap night they were having. Felt weird doing that in front of the new boss and her husband but like ... it's not like she got a choice (in firing us all) and ... it's not like any of that really counts now anyway.

Last night's dinner was a big contrast - didn't need to work nearly as hard and had a really lovely time with J and two of her siblings and B. The Sandcastle was booked out as a sit down, off menu night with the Israeli chef cooking the set meal with his mother who was visiting him for the first time since he moved here. The food was Iraqi as that is his background and that proved to be a nice twist on the middle eastern food I am used to. There was a vegetarian option which J and I shared and he did B a gluten free one. And he came out afterwards to check her meal went ok which was really nice. There were belly dancers and Arabic music and much laughter. looneymoth you were sorely missed - and we needed an extra meat eater for the table.

I might have gotten lost getting to the restaurant though and called J and B who luckily had maps and set out to find me to form a convoy (I am in my sister's spare car, no map book, and I am crap at navigating Freo). J proudly said to me: "Very nearly there!" but seemed to me, not being at the restaurant meant a very definite FAIL! even if I was only 2 minutes on the wrong side of whateverthehellthestreet was. What did we do before mobile phones?!

Tomorrow night is a very welcome rest night for catching up on (yet more) tax and editing.