April 24th, 2009


I know y'all told me so

I think I have passed the point where BSG jumped shark. It was near the end of Season 2 wasn't it?

Last night I worked until well after 11.30 and then I put things down and cracked open the Season 3 shiny new discs. I put in and pressed play on ep 1, season 3 and then kinda watched for about 10 mins before deciding that sleep was a good idea.

I think I just realised that there is no take back. No "ha we fooled you now we go back" bit. This is where the show continues on from and it really really sucks. Not only did they ruin Calli for me in the last 2 eps of Season 2 but .. *this*? Come ON!

Also? Have we moved now from the 9/11 attacks into Iraq analogies now?

This show had so much damn potential.



On the way home tonight (the rest of today I'll blog about tomorrow - it was hard in parts, less hard in other parts) I stopped at a BP to grab a bottle of lemonade cause I was really thirsty. It was 10pm and the doors were not automatically opening. So after some vague gesturing, I realise there is a "night window" so I go round and he says, "can I help you?"
And I say, "Can i buy something?"
He says, "yes, but I have to get it for you. What do want?"
And I look over his shoulder and it's a whole big one of those petrol convenience stores and I know that I want a litre of lemonade but out of dafke-nish (Yiddish, translated as stubbornness I spose) I was like, "I don't know what I want"
And he shrugs at me and walks away.

Really? Is it just not worth their time anymore? You have to wonder how much petrol they sell at 3am aside from the rest to still be worth it.

Out of more dafke-nish, cause I didn't really need the lemonade, I drove several minutes out of my way to a Caltex, which did let me in to browse, and I bought Lift not Lemonade at a very inflated price.

What I should have done, if I was less tired, is ask for items one at a time from all over the shop, changed my mind on flavours and then only bought half the stuff.