April 26th, 2009


Farewell Bea Arthur

It's been a crazy day out at Chez GJ but I did wake up to read the sad news that Bea Arthur has passed.

I'm too young to have watched much Maude - cept in repeats at the 11am timeslot in school holidays when I was left home and in charge (my sister cooked us the strangest and most exotic meals. Good Times - which also got an airing back then). But I did grow up watching the Golden Girls on Saturday nights with my Grandmother. And whilst I really didn't like Blanche, I always admired Bea Arthur's poise and sharp delivery of her cutting lines. In some ways I have probably modelled my own humour on her - the way to misdirect when you feel awkward or on the outer by being cutting or giving one liners.

Recently Bea was a guest on The View and they sat and talked a lot about how revolutionary the show Maude was - how it had the first openly lesbian character and how it never shied away from real women's issues. They talk a lot on that show about how sexist and male dominated the comic circuit has been and how hard it is for women to be standups and Bea had some really interestinhg things to say. And again, she struck me as so poised and brilliant and sharp and quick witted. An awesome and strong woman to aspire to model after.

You were loved Ms Bea Arthur and you will be sorely missed. You were classy and brilliant and always, always funny.