April 27th, 2009



Well yesterday we went and collected Benji. He was surrendered by his owner because she moved back to the UK after splitting from her husband who was violent towards her, and possibly Benji. He has been loved by the dog rescue couple for the last couple of months and he went from being scared of men to being very clingy. It was really hard to take Benji when he so clearly was attached to the man who had been looking after him - he keep looking for him as we got in the car and as the gate was opened, and looking anxiously out the window as we drove back onto the freeway home.

I was really worried that he was going to be unsettled and maybe depressed for a while and I decided to cancel my plans to meet a friend for coffee and he instead came to my house. Well! Benji has settled in very quickly and easily. And he doesn't seem remotely scared of men. He found the pile of toys I bought for him and pulled each out and played with them. He was guarding the house and barking at random family members who popped in all afternoon. He slept on my bed, the whole night through - it was me who tossed and turned about something else I had on my mind. And he seems very happy! He's now lying on his back, paws in the air.

He's sweet and companionable and makes me laugh. I'm looking forward to y'all meeting him!

Whilst we were sitting and doing the meet and greet, a very friendly chihuahua called Alex did his very cutest and best to try and come home with us as well. I reckon my mother would have caved but my dad held strong.
new ceres nights


First review published - and it's at ASif! and I didn't even know till the Editor emailed me :P Weird not being involved in that part of the project anymore!

So Alex Pierce reviews the collection. Here's some snippets:

New Ceres Nights is a set of thirteen stories that pick up, play with, explore, and explode the foundations of New Ceres society. A society that, like our most romantic notions of the Enlightenment, has charm and mystery aplenty – especially for the well-heeled; and one that also has the lower classes, doing the drudge work. Of course, this being the future, these stories also deal with the vast possibilities raised both by its context and the fact that this delicious high-tech is illegal on the planet.


One of the questions that previous New Ceres stories has barely touched is whether the planet is an exclusively white, European one. De Bodard – and a couple of others – emphatically show this not to be the case.


Overall, this is a superb anthology, and one that I highly recommend. Coming out of a shared online world, it is to be hoped that there will be more authors who are inspired to take up the stories, ideas, and characters suggested by these thirteen authors – and there is so much that is hinted at and swept over! – so that New Ceres’ history, and its future, become as fully fleshed out as they deserve to be.



Things in no apparent order

- doggie is very sweet and has settled in remarkably well - you'd swear he has always been here
- shared an amazing slice of cake today called Baci Bomb over a fabulous afternoon
- realised that one of the things that will become increasingly problematic about living alone is my lack of willingness to change light bulbs
- one quarter of the way through Horn edit
- I need to spend more time reading for fun
- I hate Twitter spam
- every day I become more grateful and honoured to be able to call my friends, friends
- I'm not as good a friend as I would like to be
- I probably need a holiday
- I want to cast on a shawl for myself so it will be finished before winter is
- I don't want to go back to work tomorrow
- I'm not scared about Swine Flu