April 29th, 2009


Size is a state of mind

ONE of Queensland's youngest pollies has told how she spent nine months in Russia for bone-breaking growth surgery because of insecurities about her size.


Now there's someone to look up to (well, sure, *now* that she's tall) for leadership into the new frontier that is The Future. This is someone who can show us how to be brave, overcome obstacles, build bridges between differing people and ideas. Heres ... ah, whatever!

Cr Ban, who was elected to Beaudesert Shire Council in 2006 and then Logan City when they were amalgamated last year, said she had been taunted at school and called names such as "midget".

When she got older, it became an issue of credibility and people not taking her seriously, particularly in her chosen profession of law and now politics.

"I get tired of people focussing on the physical side of me because I feel like I have a lot to offer and I'm a qualified lawyer," she said.

"I'm educated and I think people don't tend to focus on that."

Hmmm.... *scratches faux beard* ... lemmee see why that could possibly be???

She's a lawyer but she doesn't like people taunting her and calling her names and ... she wants to go into politics. Boy is she in for a shock! You know, I'm about her original height and my sister is even less tall than me (don't call her short, you won't like what happens). Funnily enough, I was never called midget. I got more "four eyes" kinda stuff which frankly was so demoralising at the lack of trying to insult me that I ended up having to belittle my attempted tormentors because they were so insulting by not trying harder to be like, actually mean. They went away. That's how it works. I grew up. Not taller mind. But older. And louder, perhaps. But I never ever feel like my size impedes my progress through life. Cept at the bar. But then, I have cleavage for that, and that works far better. And my sister, who is not 5 foot? She is a primary school teacher and kind of a bit scary. Never ever has her size stopped her from owning the room.

Perhaps this Cr Ban would have done better, financially and medically (trying not to think about late onset of arthritis), by growing the hell up?! Mentally not physically, that is.


Fed Benji a much bigger portion of dinner - he ate most of it but left a bit of dry food and he has not begged for any of my dinner. In fact he seems disinterested in me eating entirely. Poor thing must have been hungry the whole time.

And as an aside, in throwing meals together in a hurry, I learned long ago that melted cheese improves almost everything. Recently though I have discovered adding capers to a somewhat boring pasta dish makes it into an extravagant affair.

A_ dragged my sorry arse to the gym after work tonight. I have not seen the inside of it in quite some time. I pounded the treadmill, even ran some of it. Didn't die. Might actually feel better now because it. Neck feels less stiff. I might be somewhat more upbeat about the world. I feel like working tonight and I hope I sleep better. Harumph. I think my avoidance phase might be ended. I have actually managed to keep off the weight I've lost and I think I might be ready to set the next lot of goals and routines. Sigh.


Now I feel less alone

I got my phonecall from the Uni Alumni Office. She was really nice, even though clearly working off a flowchart script, so I felt bad about trying to get her off the phone [1]

I went with - my contract is not being renewed - to answer the question "how are you going in your career?" And she ducked and weaved and went straight to "can I call in say 3 weeks to talk about it?" Obviously *she* doesn't think the job market is too bad? Though it's bad enough that it had a section on the dialogue tree she's reading off.

She doesn't just want to ask me for money though, it seems, she also wants to invite me to a reunion. Meh.

[1] Clearly the lesson the universe is trying to teach me is STOP ANSWERING YOUR PHONE!!!!


Two nights, both alike in dignity in fair Verona

I never can predict when I will be productive and why! I'll pretend that I can't see the correlation to the gym visit.

I halved my email inbox. Slushed a novella and a story that the other two Shiny editors have already indicated that they want. Shiny Issue 6 starts to take form. Answered a bunch of emails that I have been wanting to sit down and write lengthy replies to. Another bunch still remain.

A good night of work, I think. Editing will have to wait for the weekend. I think I am going to the Wolverine screening tomorrow though I have had no reply to confirm I booked a ticket *shrug*

BSG S3 episode then bed!