May 1st, 2009



Yay. Finally, Friday, Woot!

Funny start to the morning out my way as the boys forgot to cater for morning tea - we showed up at 10am and they were madly running round trying to source food. We got put off for another 30 mins and actually they delivered a lovely spread of three cheeses (we're a group of people addicted to cheese), lamingtons and fruit.

I've switched to peppermint tea - I'm not not well but I don't feel quite right, Crohn's wise. I feel like I need to pull back a bit and strip my diet back. See how that goes for a bit.

Yesterday was a really odd day. After a few days of just feeling like I was underperforming at life, I miraculously had Teh Most Productive Day EVA. Was supposed to get extensions for a couple of things at work but thought I could get them done - and then did. Then I didn't quite know what to do with myself, having annihilated my workload.

TPP email has been kicked back into some semblance of shape. I'm still mopping up post-NCN bits and pieces (contracts, payment, lodging in libraries etc) but a couple of other things are getting done too. The inbox is well under 100 - was floating around 68 yesterday. Bought another story for Shiny - it's a Dirk Flinthart for the fans out there (And it's fantastic). Also showed interest in a novella pitch I got. Am hoping that I can whip Horn, Shiny, novella slushing, Biancotti collection and ASif into shape this weekend. And also finalise the finances (it would be nice to know exactly what cash flow I have to play around with since I am looking at publishing schedule for ... a bit ahead)

Last night had dinner with black_samvara and maharetr before Wolverine. The dinner was more entertaining the movie, I have to say, but there was good feisty waitress action to be amused by. Such judgement at me wanting something simple and not on the menu. Which I wasn't even allowed to have in the end.

Wolverine was ... well. I learned a lot as an editor as to what makes a prequel fail - no suspense, you know where the movie has to end. This one lacked good dialogue. At all. It was stilted, forced and weak most of the time. The plot felt unfocussed and a lot of men running around fighting each other. And actually, it failed the feminist test - almost no women in the whole film and those that get to have face time, don't get treated very nicely - except for the one character who you know turns up in the future. I lie though - naked Hugh was worth the price of the ticket. AND the cameo of Picard.

It was nice though to catch up and say hi to people. And a nice break from the computer. And I am kinda looking forward to Trek next week.



Novella - story usually between 15/20k to 40k words.

Does the above mean to you several stories put together in one volume? I'd call the latter a collection.


Hot damn!

Driving home tonight I just saw the sexiest thing in RL that I've seen in a long while, possibly ever.

A person, sex unknown, on a motorbike - bare armed, wearing leather boots not done up and some kinda leather cape. Riding totally crazily - like superhero crazy - down Flinders St.

For a moment there I wasn't sure if I'd slid into a TV show of some kind.



I've been watching the leadup to the launching of the open beta testing period of Dreamwidth with mixed feelings. I fully understand and support the reasonings behind the project and I can see the benefits of moving there.

The thing is that I can see a point in the future where half my flist will have moved there and half will stay at lj. I like lj. I don't feel safe here - I'm not confident that at no point in the future could my account suddenly disappear. For any number of reasons. But at the same time, I think the specfic lj community will stay here.

What I'm worried about is losing flisters - journals I've read for ... can it really be 9 years now? Wow. I've logged in over at DW and I've started to subscribe to journals. I can see though that probably I am going to want an account over there if only to be able to continue reading blogs.

ETA: Thanks to seperis I have a Dreamwidth account - my name is girliejones.


Celebration of timing!

This evening, my sister and brother-in-law came over to finalise the sale of their car, which has been sitting at my house for the last 6 months, to a friend of theirs.

What a great example for me of the concept of "timing". That car has been annoying me for months - the battery died so that I couldn't shift the car, couldn't take it back to my sister's and couldn't park my car under the covered car port. But then I had that car accident and I needed a car. My sister's father-in-law came and replaced the battery one day when I was at work. And then I had a car to drive whilst mine was in the shop. And I drove the car for just over a week. Which it needed, having sat for 6 months and probably at least another 6 months before that. Now it is in pretty driveable condition. Recently, my sister's friend became in need of a cheap car. And they decided to sell him this one.

So I had the car when I needed it, now he has it when he needs it and my driveway is again free. Win. Win. Win.

Further good timing is that whilst this all brought us to this evening, and them coming to pick up the car tonight, I found a garden spider - all gangly and spindly - in my kitchen needing removal. And the bil was here to do that for me. More yay!

And for laughs this conversation:

The three of us hanging out and catching up, conversation turns to the hairdressing apt I have tomorrow (my sister went there today) and so on.

BIL: ANYWAY, I am in a conversation about waxing. How did that happen?
We look at each other sheepishly.
BIL: I came in here to do something manly, remove a spider, and now I am in a conversation about waxing. How does this keep happening to me?

Heh. They've been married for over two years now and were together for 13 years before that. He's been my brotherlike person for half my life. He should surely be used to girly conversations by now.