May 3rd, 2009


Good news!

Via cassiphone
The bowel cancer drug Avastin is among those to be added to the list of subsidised drugs under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

This was the drug that the SF community raised almost $30 000 for paulhaines so that he could have more ammunition when he pulled out the big guns and went fighting. Seeing how important this was to him and his family so that he could get the best chance to fight his cancer, I am really glad that other people will now also be given this same chance, money no longer being the barrier between them and a possible cure.

Good news! Hurrah!

The weak link in the chain!

Spent the day at editormum's. I was supposed to be working there and then just hanging out when people popped in but there were people there the whole time. Didn't get much done.

DID though spill my coffee dregs on an unsold copy of New Ceres Nights.

Am so so tired, I really should go to sleep early - pack my lunch and get my field gear ready for a long day out in the field tomorrow. Want I WANT to do is somehow make up for the work I didn't get done.


Why is it?

Why is it that when I am so dogged tired that I almost cannot see straight, I finally manage to solve the great paypal crisis of doing the TPP books? Yes the one that I have been trying to figure out for oooh? What? 12 months or more? The answer, it turns out is unbelievably simple.

I need to figure out how much of the money sitting in my personal paypal a/c belongs to TPP and how much of that amount belongs to ASif!. It seems only when the desire for the answer outstrips the desire to have all the finances audited am I able to get this done. And the only reason I now have a desire for the answer is to figure out what the cashflow is so I can figure out the future schedule of things. *shakes head* the answer was ridiculously simple.

Of course I have to quit now because I am so tired I started making mistakes and now I'll have to double check what I've done tomorrow just to be sure. But still, have now audied 05 and most of 06. 09 is mostly done and is mostly in the TPP paypal a/c now anyway. So very very soon, all of the paypal transactions will be completed. Most of the credit card ones are done - end of 08 and the beg of 09 to finish. Then just the chequing accounts to sort. Yeah ... don't ask how many accounts I have here. It won't be such a mess when I finally finish this damn audit! And it will be straight forward once I know the answer!

It will be weird to not be working on these finances anymore. I really do see the end in sight. Lots of the knots have been untangled now. Just some final finishing off, and to reconcile the financial year spreadsheets against the project spreadsheets and then I'll know ALL. Weird.

Worst thing though is auditing the personal paypal and seeing how much money I spent on yarn in 2006. It's one of the reasons I have been putting off this job. I dunno that you can ever really justify stashing, of any kind - yarn, books, DVDs whatever. Not sure you should really try.