May 6th, 2009



Driving to work this morning and read this sticker on the back of someone's car:

It's been so long since I've had sex I can't remember who gets tied up.

Surely that depends on who you're having sex with? :P

This is gonna bother me all day cause ... that's not the thing I'd worry about.


You are getting very sleeeepy

Well, it seems Benji doesn't want to be a runner after all. I got home this afternoon, had to convince him to put the lead on, got 3 minutes from my house and he just sat down and refused to move. He has a knee problem and perhaps that was hurting him. I picked him up, took him home and set back out to do the day's run. Did the run. Yay!

I feel very loved right now - idling having read my shameful admission about not being able to replace light bulbs and thinking I was mostly in the dark, offered to come and replace them. As it happens, it was only the two, but one was right outside my bathroom, which considering the bathroom light is still not fixed, means I was showering in the almost dark. I feel someone vindicated because the second bulb disintegrated when he was replacing it and half got stuck. In any case, it required screw drivers and plyers and all sorts to fix.

But better than that, he painstakingly fiddled with the receiver and sender of my Foxtel thingemy such that, I now have decent reception in my bedroom! Yay! Thanks idling! And we have a lead on how to get the remote to work remotely.

I am very lucky to be loved by my friends and be looked after as well and as much as I am.

idling got lots of love from Benji too!

Didn't get too much done tonight and now I am relaxing with TV before bed. This running thing is energising me during the day but I definitely am sleepy by bedtime and I'm sleeping much more deeply. Exercise. Really good for you. Mentally and physically. Who knew?!