May 7th, 2009


Coroner's Findings

We were following this a while back, here is what the Coroner found on David Iredale:,27574,25442705-421,00.html

NSW Deputy State Coroner Carl Milovanovich today handed down his findings, recommending that all ambulance emergency operators have access to "paramedical advice''.

"This inquest has identified that in all the calls David Iredale made to triple zero ... there was a lack of empathy and call takers lacked the skills ... to record vital information that was crucial," Mr Milovanovich said.

He said there had been "a lost window of opportunity that could have resulted in a different outcome".

Among the other recommendations was a call for a widespread review of the training and protocols for ambulance 000 operators.

Mr Milovanovich said Emergency Services Minister Steve Whan should set up a working party of police, ambulance, fire brigades, National Parks and Wildlife Service and Telstra representatives to examine the issues.

"I was astonished that at no time after the death of David Iredale ... did the NSW Ambulance Service conduct a review or analysis of its performance in this matter,'' the coroner said.

"It is astonishing that a person can ring the ambulance service on five occasions ... and no satisfactory review be undertaken.''

He has also called for written authorisation to be a pre-requisite for expeditions taken under the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, more publicly available information on water sources in NSW wilderness areas, and promotion of the use of personal locator beacons for bushwalkers.

That's a good outcome, I think.


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