May 10th, 2009


and that was my weekend

Wow, have I really not posted?

Saturday morning I woke up running late. I really wanted to get to Spotlight but didn't. We had our second Swancon 36 meeting. Benji came along thanks to lyzbeth letting him come in her car and catundra inviting him. He chased Zoe around all morning and was generally loud and rambunctious. Meeting went well, we ticked things off lists, added things to new lists. I drank a lot of coffee. I am genetically unable to decline an offer for a cup of coffee. This did not go well, for later in the day I got a massive headache.

I raced round to bid farewell to my uncle who is off to Paris and Tel Aviv for the next 2 months. Sigh. Am very jealous. He wanted a review book for the trip - am good editor, and got there in time for him to pack it! (Forgot to steal DVD box sets of things to watch whilst he's away. Damnit)

Hung out with a friend Saturday night which was fun and also unexpected.

Got bitten by Benji whilst enforcing a rule he TOTALLY knows. Grrr. That earned him immediate removal and expulsion to the laundry. He then spent 4 hours barking and flinging himself against the door. He is so fucking stubborn.

This morning was breakfast at my mother's favourite restaurant with parents, nana and sister and brother in law. I was ridiculously tired but had a really lovely time. Hoped to go home and nap but didn't get home till almost 12 and then spent the next two hours chasing my dog up the street cause he ran away. He doesn't come back when called. And the only thing that worked was to leave my front door open and just get on with things. I watched him come home - he knows the way, I could swear he checked before crossing the street and then he eyed my front door for a good 5 mins to make sure I was not lurking before he came in. And he came into the house, found me and stood and barked *at* me!

Then I wasted several more hours - first bathing him and then asserting dominance over my bed versus his bed. That dog is so stubborn. My parents came to visit and my dad wanted to take him and their dog for a walk and he just sat down and refused to move. At least others could observe the stubborn.

I'm seeing puppy school in my near future.

Had so much work to do. Got very little done. I did get some general house tidying up done. That's all I've got to show for it all.

DROWNING in editing.