May 11th, 2009


An advantage

One good thing about editing novellas is that editing long short stories doesn't hurt anymore. I no longer blink at 22 page works.

Wonder if editing novels would do the same for novellas.

*tries to unthink that thought*


more puppy misadventures

This morning, I popped Benji outside, with a small food treat to distract him from me shutting the door and pissing off to work. As I packed my lunch, I kept an eye on the door but there was no lingering or loitering. No fuss at all, in fact. I went about the rest of my preparation for work. Locked up the house. Put my things in the car and then looked up TO SEE MY PUPPY LOOKING AT ME FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY DRIVEWAY.


(it's not funny)

Quick check of the gate showed it was open. Damnit!

However, I did not chase him or make moves to do so. Instead I calmly continued along as though I was about to leave and called out to him to come and get in the car cause we were going. He came actually. Not straight away and not in one go but sort of sidled up. Hopped in the car and then I felt mean so I drove halfway down Alexander Dve then did a u-turn and drove home. Put him back outside, rechecked the gate. Got back in my car and came to work.

*shakes head*

This is cause I laughed so much about my sister's puppy. Isn't it.

New Ceres Webzine Open for Submissions

Two pieces of news.

Firstly, Twelfth Planet Press now has her own livejournal: twelfthplanet. The time has come for she and I to split blogging locations and go off in our own, separate, livejournalling directions.

Secondly, in celebration of the new account, there are new announcements: New Ceres Webzine now open for submissions for Issue 3. But you have to go read them over there!


Warbling twit?

A PARROT is about to cost 1000 workers their jobs because the Federal Government has ordered a timber industry to be shut down to protect the bird.

Stupid parrot - doesn't it *know* we're in an economic downturn?

-- snip--

The Daily Telegraph has learned Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett's department issued a stop-work order to the New South Wales Government 10 days ago, a move the industry claims could wipe out the entire town of Deniliquin in the state's south.

The Opposition says the move is overkill and has branded Mr Garrett a "warbling twit".

Ooh .. warbling twit eh? For like, doing his job as Federal Minister for the Environment? Pretty sure they'd have something to say if he like, *didn't* do his job.

But anyway:

"There are a lot of them out there," Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt said of the parrots.

Yeah.... being listed as *vulnerable*, which like, requires a head count and the implementation of action plans to protect from further population loss, is like still totally LOTS OF THEM! More than 5, anyway. What are we complaining about?

"As one person put it to me this morning, you've got the warbling twit protecting the green leak parrot but sacrificing 1000 jobs."

Yeah! Shouldn't have to worry about these jobs till AFTER all the trees have been cut down. Log first, think about the future second. Don't you know the RULES!?

The Environment Department ordered New South Wales cease all clear felling of red gum in the Central Murray Darling region - timber used mainly for firewood and railway sleepers - due to concerns over the future of the parrot.

Sometimes referred to as the green leek parrot, the social bird nests in the hollows of the red gums and is nationally listed as vulnerable.


The NSW Government is also seeking legal advice on whether it can get around the Federal Government order, which has given NSW State Forests until May 31 to stop logging of the Central Murray wetlands in the Riverina area or face legal action.

Cause like:

It accused the Federal Government of being cavalier in its approach to NSW by acting before a $2 million State Government funded Environmental Impact Statement on logging in the area had been completed.

Yeah - continue logging, figure out the impact THEN decide whether it was unacceptable. DUH!!

All quotes taken from this highly biased, uninformed article that lacks reference to like, Commonwealth policy, statutary requirements under Federal Law and international agreements for the protection of biodiversity etc


Monday night at my house

The good thing about exercise, particularly for insomniacs, is that it tires you out and helps you sleep better. The bad thing about execise, particularly for editors with pressing deadlines, is that it tires you out and helps you sleep better.

Today I managed to finally get to a yoga lunchtime class for this term. Made me feel 10 years older. Oy, kinderlach!

Also did the final training session for last week's running program. With the intention of making up one session this week, to remain on target.

After much coaching on Twitter, I came home with the intention of instating myself as Leader of the Pack.

I forced the dog out for a walk which actually literally involved dragging him in some places. His short little legs were firmly planted on the ground and he held his ground determinedly. I, however, am woman. HEAR ME ROAR! And I refuse to be beaten by an 8kg 2 year old puppy dog. Plus, I need to win these battles to enforce the bedroom ones. And, I feel a bit pathetic locked in a battle of wills with a dog.

Then I discovered this doggie actually does know "sit", can be made to get off the bed and understands the "here is my back, I am ignoring this barking" maneouver.

I. Will. Win.

Back to reading Horn. Then the last 10 mins of BSG S3, which I left for tonight. And sleeeep.