May 12th, 2009



Ahh - I get about 5 emailed to me daily which is awesome as they all conflict with one another.

One tells me that today I could get caught in a love scandal. I do not see how.

Also... the Feng Shui email tells me its "Eat What You Want Day" today. Meh. I ate what I wanted to yesterday as well.


And the moral of the story is?

Last night, I threw in the towel early because I wandered down the wrong editing dirt track for 3 hours and wasted a bunch of time. I went to bed much earlier than normal. As a result, I woke up earlier than usual. "Wow!" says I. "I shall use this surplus of daylight wisely." And I was out the house about an hour earlier than normal, headed for work.

This is where things went awry. I popped into the servo to get some fuel, was still a bit sleepy and misjudged the turn AND GOT BOGGED IN WOOD CHIPS under the petrol price billboard. WTF?

How does this shit happen to me?

The woman behind the counter couldn't immediately help me as she was the only one on shift so she offers me this: "These things are sent to try us."
I replied: Thanks.

And then went back to sit in my car for 7 mins waiting for the shift change and trying not to cry. It was then that I remembered I am an engineer and had a cardboard box in the boot of my car and could at least attempt to fashion some device to get traction for the tyre. As I was doing this, several women came over to help me. They went and got some guys (when it first happened, I swear every other person getting fuel was over 70) and they pushed my car out of the wood chips (after we realised I still had the handbrake on). Also nearly got immediately bogged again trying to get out of the spot and not reverse onto the main road and into traffic.

The moral of the story here is that, I do not function before 9.30 am. I just don't. And there's no point forcing it.

Also, there are good people in the world. We skip over that so much on a daily basis and insist that the world is darker than maybe it really is. I often help people if and when I can and it's so nice to know that other people do too. And for no reward and no reason - just lending a hand cause they have one to lend.

Yes I'm procrastinating

Catching up on ljs and stuff and enjoyed benjaminmonkey's answer to my question.

If you haven't come across Benjamin Monkeyboy yet, he's circling the Earth in the communications satellite C0589X. He was bored so he got an internet connection.

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