May 13th, 2009


Swancon Survey update

I'm pretty excited. As of this morning 75 people have taken the Swancon Spending Survey, which is pretty awesome. I'm hoping for a 30% response rate which is norm for surveys, as I understand it. And that should be somewhere in the vicinity of 120 people.

Click Here to take the Swancon Spending survey

If you haven't taken it, please consider doing so. And if you could pass the link onto people you think may be willing to take it but haven't seen my announcements anywhere, I'd appreciate it. Here's the link:


Stuff n nonsense

Waist-deep in deadlines in all directions at the moment.

Doing a lot of editing and was thinking last night that the number one key thing about editing is figuring out what the quirk of the writer is - sometimes it's commas, sometimes it's a particular word that is over-used or a spelling of a particular word. I know what it is in the work I'm currently editing. And once you figure it out, it's like the only thing that you can see when you read them. It's an odd PoV I guess. And you get used to it as you edit the same writer again in other projects. You see the writer's name come up and you think "ahh yes, commas/hyphens/the word "such"...

In other news, I am resting my knee today. I went to the gym last night and did the session for the running program. It was the first one to hurt so far and that was good. I still did it and that means hopefully I improved my fitness. The next session will be the telling one as I then go up a notch in minutes run in succession. I hope to do it tomorrow but I have a full day out in the field and I want to get to late night shopping, so we shall see. And my knee hurts.

I also roadtested a new curry dish for dinner. I am still searching for good recipes that I can have ingredients for on hand, that will cook up with little prep required, be tasty, be healthy and lowfat and freeze. I did a thai red curry - used a premade sauce but threw in tons and tons of frozen veggies, a can of chickpeas and two cans of baby potatoes. Sauce ended up just coating the veggies and I kinda liked that. Not sloppy, not really a red curry. But then also didn't need additional carbs. I think a win. Ended up with a serve for lunch and one for dinner.

Had a face off with the puppy last night. He's stopped actually biting me, which is a win. I think he will soon stop going for me too. I had to do this non-violent assertion of dominance with him last night - and it worked. I think we established the power dynamics. To the point, at least, where half the time he asked for permission to come up on the bed. It's early days. But I really hated doing it. It was like ... primal or animalistic or something. And like, of course it is - this is a dog. And I'm an animal too and we're just vying for power or whatever. But ... ugh it's so ... wilderness or pack-like. Which yeah, that's the point. But it's a long way from Chanel, is what I'm saying.

But it got me thinking to relationship stuff. Weird seque I know. Getting into relationships with people, all kinds, is very similar business. There's always a power dynamic that is being established, usually unspoken, in the beginning of a relationship. And it occurs to me that I don't like enforcing boundaries - I've said it before here. And it occurs to me that the issue I am having with the puppy is being uncomfortable having to enforce boundaries. But if you don't enforce them, they don't really exist. Same for puppy, same for humans. I don't like doing it - it makes me uncomfortable, and primal (which must be a feeling I am uncomfortable with) and I don't like making someone/thing do something that I want if they don't want to. That's really what it comes down to. And that's ok, as long as you are comfortable with settling within the other person's/pet's boundaries that you then have accepted by default. In this case, with the puppy, I don't want to accept them and I am being forced to then have to establish the boundaries that I am comfortable with.

But it makes me think a lot about how I ended up in other relationships in which I was uncomfortable. I don't really like to be the enforcer, I guess.



Over at Twitter I'm protesting through grumpy tweets tagged as #fixreplies about the fact that Twitter has removed the option for viewing other people's tweets to people you don't follow. It's known as fragmented conversations and it was kinda the point of Twitter. It made the place dynamic, flowing and made me want to be there to see what was going on and what I might be missing - the overhearing of snippets of conversations, going to find out who people are and joining in.

By removing this, Twitter removes the mechanism by which it was a networking site.

Now it's just me and my friends status updating, essentially. Which is what I find inane and boring about Facebook.


Snippets from my day

Not quite work:

Me: I only liked it the one time
T (at work): What? Sex?

On work:

J yelling down the hallway: Can I talk to you about something?
Me: Not if it's about [blah blah]
J: No but about that, I was gonna say [this is why we can't do it]
Me: Well that's the polite, tactful answer. Mine was gonna be much snarkier.
J: ooh I wanna hear that one
--cut for snark--
J: See! That's the conversation we were sposed to have!

On love:

Me: I'm out on the bench
B: No! You can't be! I want to be on the bench and someone has to be out there in the game.
Me: I'm on the bench icing my knee and sipping Gatorade. And the physio is giving me a massage

On editing:
J: There's no Chiang hiding in the bushes this time.
Me: What an image
J: Thought you'd like that.


It says something about you when the lapdog you adopted not 2 weeks ago has already developed a technique to almost sit on your lap AND dodge movement of the laptop powercord, doesn't it.