May 14th, 2009


Long day

I have a post that I want to make about where my head is at but I think it may have to wait til tomorrow. I am so tired from head to toe that I only just managed to get up and make dinner.

Did a 10 hr working day today in the field which included waking up at 7.17 am (late night watching BSG S4 and dog barking in reply to one down the street til 2am) and being at the carpark at work by 7.58am. A magician never reveals his secrets.

Out in the field till 5pm looking at the reverse sites from last week ie most of them sucked. Was very depressing.

Highlights included seeing lots and lots of calves up close. Getting the most complicated directions I have ever heard to go from this paddock to that one - felt like it should have included a password and a riddle to solve (in Elvish said one of the others - there are fans everywhere!). Also, watching a man simultaneously pee and spit on the side of a new road in a new development and then see our car coming and quickly pretend he was fiddling with a padlock on a locked large metre box. Was hilarious.

Caught in peak hour home from down south to work and then from work all the way home.

Got home in the dark. Went for the third running session for the week. Then tried to entice dog out for a walk. There's just no fun when a dog lies down on his side and lets you drag him along the ground rather than get up and go for a walk.

Showered, lay down and realised I am bone tired. And I still have work to get done tonight, damnit!

Can-nah do it Cap'n!