May 16th, 2009


grumpy :(

I thought I wasn't sick today.

I am.

This is the biggest sign, apart from the dizziness: I'm grumpy cause someone didn't ask me if I wanted to do something that I didn't actually want to do.


Go to bed GJ!



I'm dreaming really vividly at the moment, possibly cause I am taking too much panadol at bedtime - if it's not earaches, it's neck pain and headaches. Though it's possible I have been getting sick all week, especially if you look at the ridiculous situations I found myself in!

Last night, I dreamed I was a sidekick to some kind of secret operative except he was kinda crap and the bad guys were really really well organised and planned (and were wearing black leather and were sexier) and could react to everything we threw at them. Til the season finale (I think we may have been characters in a TV show) when I suggested we jump over a fence and into someone else's backyard during a chase and then get out of the way before regrouping. Except for it being really hard to leap a 6foot fence when you're me, it was a really good plan. We fooled em, they ran the other way down the side of the house, we jumped the fence and took off and then hid in some kind of plastic cube thing.

EXCEPT ... just as the theme music was playing, I looked through the peephole and the villain looked back at me and she WINKED!

And you (the audience) just knew that next season, the good guys were gonna be better clued up and throw more at the bad guys, but the bad guys were still gonna probably have the upper hand.

And then I woke up.



Is pretty much all my brain is capable of dealing with at the moment.

The other day I was telling someone how when I went to Israel to work for a year after my undergrad degree, I arrived on the day of the Eurovision final - it was the year that Israel won with Dana International (the drag queen).

So I arrive in this foreign (yet home) land, meet relatives I have never ever met before, get shepherded back to their place where we watch Eurovision and VOTE.

It's serious business in Europe.

And when Dana International won, OMG they fucking played that crappy song all the time on the radion for WEEKS afterwards. Welcome to European music. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before. Thank goodness that the army is young cause the IDF station was my only saviour that year.