May 17th, 2009


Eurovision ...

So I don't normally immerse myself in this much Eurovision but I'm sick this year and also I was prepping for a party tonight that I didn't end up going to.

But it has me thinking about something. Is it a serious competition? I mean, are the representatives for each country seriously the best that country has to offer for that year? Cause you look at say UK, France and Germany and you think, yeah, not bad. And there's ... well ... yes. The reasons we all like to watch.

And it makes me wonder a bit about the publishing world.

Are, like, the US and UK markets like the top Eurovision countries (with potential chart buster pop songs) and then the rest of us are vying for places below that? Are we like, I dunno, Portugal and Croatia and no matter how hard we work to reach the top of Aussie press, are we still presenting the dancing mermaids or harpsicordian against an Andrew Lloyd Webber number? Cause like, you'd think you'd show up the first year, pitch your best, scope out the competition and realise you have to take it up a notch (or 18) in order to win?

Or is it just that the very best that we have to offer, and those who are able to advise and critique, never ever takes us to the actual league?

Will we ever get to the point, I guess is my question, where it's not rare and impossible to break out into the international market. Or will we always be something quirky on the side?

Small press stops for no man

Um. That whooshing sound? It's the sound of the deadline of Horn being at the printer's rushing by. Not good. Not good at all.

I was supposed to be editing it last week and lined up enthusiastic proofers to help with final proofs so that it went to layout over the weekend. Line editing with a fuzzy head infection is kinda the same as trying to thread a fine needle without your glasses on. You can kinda see the outlines of everything but really you can only ever do the job with minimal precision and accuracy. I've just sent Peter the latest edits but I am sure that I must have missed itty bitty things and will need to find the time (somewhere? maybe between 5 and 6 pm we can have an extra 4 hours, say on Tueday?) to get that done and not hold up sending the final version to the printer.