May 19th, 2009

ball of yarn

Woot! (mostly a craft post)

Again with the being way more productive when working from home thing. Car should be ready this afternoon. Just got my SMS from JB HiFi that my first season of Enterprise DVDs are in. I haven't fully decided but Mr Rudd might be paying for my leisure time of DVDs and crafts. Then again, maybe the Ruddbucks are going on my car repairs.

I might have been at the craft fair that has just come and gone through Perth. Didn't buy too much. In fact, came home with half the money I took ... probably made budget though since I paid for some things with the credit card. Basically, I finally admitted I am taking up patchworking as a craft, and bought myself a cutting board and cutter (tried it out on the weekend and still did not end up with perfectly straight strips ... but I was sick so ...). I bought maybe 6 fat quarters - mostly in Japanese fabrics. Two larger pieces of coffee themed fabric. And I think that's about it?

Oh I got some 60 degree diamond templates. And started a brand new project - yes, even though I have not finished any of the others. See? This judgement is why I don't blog these things :P I finally realised that if I don't start plunging in and starting some of my quilt projects, I won't ever think I am ready to play with the really valuable (to me) fabrics I have. Thus I have begun the first - a monochrome tumbling blocks piece that will be a wallhanging. It's kind of a lesson in colour and shading in order to get the 3D effect to work. I'm using all the black and white fat quarters I have been collecting for the last three years. And will throw in the odd red diamond here and there. I've completed five blocks (3 diamonds per block).

The amusing bit about this project was negotiating with myself to go for a larger diamond (am using 2" 5/8th diamonds). Like... some projects can be fast to complete and don't have to be so fiddly and over-thought. Course now I am trying to be cool with randomly piecing the diamonds and not doing each block themed. I should mention that I hand sew everything.

What? Tired AGAIN?!

Got all my work done today. Ran a quick errand or two. Come back home and my eyes are heavy and I am very sleepy. At some point, I am going to have to think about whether I do actually have exhaustion. I imagine this must be close to what it's like.

And for some reason, even though I ate very badly over the weekend [baby voice] cause I was sick and feeling sorry for myself [/baby voice], I seem to have lost weight. My pants are falling off my hips. *Ahem* That has not happened in a very long while. Either the exercise is finally kicking in or I ate much less than I thought I did last week, which was less than usual due to feeling under the weather.

And I did this really crazy thing yesterday - I read. A book. For FUN! It was truly cool. And odd. And exhilarating! I'm reading Thirteen Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson cause I read everything Tansy says to and Robin has an awesome book inventory at Planet. And it's fun. There's some editing issues with it - really? Do New Yorkers really never take baths? At all? - but she's also got London down pat too. And it's light and breezy and ... did I say fun?

It makes me think that I need to somehow get reading for fun back into my schedule. See above relating to feeling exhausted. What if your mind is like your body? And if you don't exercise it, you feel slothful and only want to stay on the couch and watch Bold and the Beautiful but if you actually do exercise, you get reinvigorated? This is my new theory anyway.

And cause I only work if there's a checklist, I think I should do something like Kathryn and have some goal about returning (librarians look away) borrowed books and reducing my to read bookcase.

I have absolutely no idea how that fits in with the rest, but I'm sure it can! I might start with trying to find 30 mins a day. See how that goes. And I'm gonna go find those now, in the bath.

PS: My $1 books from Small Beer Press came today! Yay!


Got my second call from the university which is supposedly talking to you about where you are in life as a result of the courses and then asks you to donate money.

Cept she kinda pissed me off early in when asking me what I think I might do or where I might go now and my answer was "I don't know" and she was like, "But do you think you might like more consulting or more ..." and I'm like, "I don't know, I really DON'T know". Ferfucksake! I don't know usually means you don't know.

Then she goes through the spiel of the alumni scholarships and asks me if I would like to donate $13 a month and when I said I would not, she asked me why and wanted me to name a reason. And that's kinda when I lost it. Two phonecalls and a letter, to me, is bordering on harassment and having to justify why I don't want to give money is over the line. And I told her so. And then she just kept going. At which point I told her this was making me uncomfortable and really wasn't going to get any money out of me.

And then she was all... tha's not this phonecall was about and that she didn't want me to take that away and think that's what was going on. It was about collecting info from past students etc.

You know when it became about the money? When in the first phonecall she heard I was laid off and said she'd call back in a month.

I is smart.