May 20th, 2009



That's my new word for the day! Sounds like an episode of Angel. Was wikipedia'ing around to justify to editormum why I don't need to go to the doctor about my sleepiness :P

Turns out: Sleepiness can be induced as a response to infection. Such somnolence is an evolved sickness behavior reaction to infection that conserves energy and protects an individual while their body fights with fever and illness.

That's probably what it is. Though you can also suffer mental fatigue: typically the result of working, mental stress, overstimulation and understimulation, jet lag or active recreation, depression, and also boredom, disease and lack of sleep. It may also have chemical causes, such as poisoning or mineral or vitamin deficiencies.

Lots of reasons for my sleepiness! Not boredom or depression and not really lack of sleep. Probably the infection but also gonna take some vitamins and EAT MORE PROTEIN! (I'm a bad vegetarian).

And my scheduling has gotten back out of control. Seriously, it's like an aquatic weed or something. My problem is I want to do everything and miss out on nothing.


Love is --- Potato Salad

I bailed on a dinner with some of the work gals last night due to needing to have a lie down from my life. And one of them had specifically made vegetarian potato salad for me! So she brought some in for me today.

I feel loved.

Puppy post

Last night I finally realised why the universe sent me Benji. See, I didn't choose him - how can you choose between rescued dogs? I let the lady choose for me but for a while now I've been wondering "why this one?" I mean it's not that I'm not bonding with him or anything, And yes, I do seee how it is amusing for everyone else that I have the most stubborn dog on the fact of the planet.

But until last night, I wasn't really sure.

There were inklings when over the weekend, I saw his Superman pose. Yes, my dog has his own Superman pose - lying on his back, one paw straight out and one bent, and his head tilted off to the side. It didn't last long cause he had to come investigate why I was laughing so hard.

But last night I knew. There he was, all snuggled up and ready to snooze and forget about the world, when I popped in the first DVD of Star Trek Enterprise Season 1 (I've seen bits and pieces of the first season but I'm gonna be anal about it - Yes Rachel, I'm also watching Buffy). Anyway. As soon as it started, Benji woke up and came and sat in front of the TV as though he was watching it. And appeared to do so for the full 42 mins. I'm sure it's because there are constant beeps in the background and there were Klingons growling. But I like to think that I have myself my very own Trekkie Puppy.


For maelkann

After weeks of endlessly listening to Girl Talk albums, I think I am going to need to go and get me some stuff by Notorious.


I think he's quite awesome.



Welcome to Holly-y-wood! What's your dream?!

So I've been talking about how I don't know what I want to do and whatever. But tonight I was driving home from a lovely dinner with austspecfic in the city and it was raining for the first time in a long time and I went home via King St.

And I looked again longingly at a dream I've had for about 3 years now.

Of having Twelfth Planet Press offices here:

Specifically, here somewhere:

If I was honest, I've been dreaming about TPP being my day job for a good three years. Of taking a leap and seeing if I could do it for real.

That's my dream.

There's no cure like time with a good friend

What a great day, in the end.

Work was hard and I still felt that overwhelming sleepiness. I'm wondering if it's maybe taking too much panadol - it makes me sleepy - maybe there's still too much in my system?

I had another weird dream - there were hobgoblins, but that's petermball's fault in Horn - but we had to climb this big, hundreds of years old tree that had lots of netting hanging down that you used to climb. I hate heights, hated them in the dream, but climbed all the same cause I needed to get to the hubbub amd world that was going on in the trees branches.

Got a reprieve from my gym partner to skip the session after work. She calls me at 4.45 -
Me: Oh, I was gonna slip out before you came back
Her: Oh we are so not going today.

Worked on my TPP finances - there's nothing like the itch of a new project to make you hurry up and tie up all the ends of the old ones, so you know if you can afford it. Still don't know so will need to finish the maths, already!

Drove into the city and picked up austspecfic for dinner. Did 3 laps of the city to try and get parking near the restaurant - I so cannot figure out the one way streets at that end of town. Donna was gracious and only pointed out all the green lights. I am still not functioning at max warp drive yet. We went to the Japanese restaurant kathrynlinge found and I've been dying to go back to. This time we got to sit on the ground with our feet in holes. I ordered raw fish - cause am not functioning right - and then didn't eat it cause I don't eat raw fish. And a vegetable bento. And green tea ice cream for dessert! Was really great to catch up with Donna all to myself and just share our stories. I am so glad she told me she was coming over.

(oooh! Dog doing Superman again. DO not laugh. DO not laugh. Damn that's funny)

As I dropped her back, it just started to rain and by the time I got out into the 'burbs it was pouring. Glorious! FINALLY! Rain! Was almost weird and foreign.

And now for some reason, I blame tommmo, I watched Lost for the first time in ages. And bugger, that kinda looked good. Might dip my toe back in the water on this one.