May 21st, 2009


Well, that was bracing

Because I learn things the slow, hard way - I'm sitting here finally having a productive work session for the first time this week and not falling asleep. That's right, I *exercised* this afternoon. Ahhh GJ. One day, one day you'll clue up on this.

Benji on the other hand is exhausted and sleeping due to the excitement in his day. He somehow let himself out of the side gate. Must have wandered around the streets and my next door neighbour eventually coaxed him into her backyard and my mother got a call and did her first grandpup run to go collect him. And he was dirty and wet. The neighbour on the other side also popped in this evening to check the dog had been returned. Apparently he had tried to coax him over but Benji ran off.

Sigh. I have the worst behaved dog ever. On the other hand, I really do have lovely neighbours. And when I rang to thank the lady next door she said Benji was welcome to be in her backyard and invited me over for a cup of coffee some time. Ahhh ... cue the music ... neeeeeigh bours ... every body needs ...

I seem to have made rather decent progress on my 2008/2009 taxes. I need to remind myself that the pain of this job is in credit for March next year and is without the time pressure of my lodgement deadline. I am actually nearly there. Things are starting to balance and make sense and I think I finally have a system that's sorted and works for multiple purposes. I promise myself to never ever leave finances 4 years before sorting them again. It's funny though how much spin changes things. I'm only accidentally getting my taxes done because what I am actually looking for is how many projects I can afford to start for next year. And that is a whole different kind of fun, for the same task. Also, cause I don't know yet if the answer is no.