May 24th, 2009


You know when you're ON? And then, you're ... not?

Yesterday morning, workwise, I was on FIRE. I got so much done. Seriously. I even sorted my superannuation funds to roll into each other - that job has only been 4 years in the waiting (think of the double charged fees!!!). And I wrote myself this 10 item to do list for the weekend. It was hardcore, and included a couple of crafty and reading for fun things.

Looking at the list now, I'm kinda amused. I ended up finishing one item, in total. It was a big one - getting Horn off to the printers - but that still feels like a bit of a pathetic result.

And now I'm madly doing like 3 different craft projects at once to somehow make up for it.


Had a good weekend, tried to relax. Was up till 2am working but anyway.
Met J for coffee today - was fun. Lots of laughing. Lots of coffee. I had breakfast at 2pm - my favourite thing to do.

Then went to my Mum's bday afternoon tea. Had tea. Ate things. Got sent home with YET MORE CAKE. How does "It freezes" help? Now I have like 5 cakes in my freezer. And also got sent home with dinner.

Not a bad weekend, I'd say. All up. I might even be a wee bit relaxed. If not overly productive.

Doggie Update

My Mum thinks that Benji was probably not spoken to or taught anything in his previous home. He certainly doesn't seem to have any of the standard commands. But he is toilet trained, and that is a good thing.

It's slow going but I think we have almost mastered "sit". We also sort of know "no" and we definitely know doggie toys don't go on GJ's bed, no matter how often we try to push that boundary.

The funniest thing is how he begs, or asks for things (like a toilet run at 2am), by doing an impersonation of a meerkat. It's kinda hard to deal with that with a serious face.

We're starting to fit in with one another, I think. Tonight he showed me how to play a game that he likes ... that was fun. He'd like far more cuddles than I give - I feel that 100% of the time, is a bit demanding :) He definitely is a good foot warmer though! And it's nice to have another being in the house, bouncing around with me.

And? Best toy ever? A balled up pair of socks stolen from the laundry basket.


The Bogus Bogan ... it's kinda funny.

I'd only seen the online reporting of that story - chick in King's Cross says she's an eye witness to a shooting and describes it on camera. The bit I caught was when they got one of the guys and said he wasn't so skinny after all (she had a fat and a skinny guy) - that was the news heading actually - "not so skinny after all".

Anyway, I just watched the piece on the news - she's now admitted that she made the whole thing up. And come on!!! She's likely barely keeping it together and not laughing when she gets to the end "chk chk boum!". Like she totally knows they are taking her seriously as they film her.

This is what happens in a soundbyte hungry age where everyone, even me, can grab the scoop.