May 25th, 2009



Just thought I'd draw your attention to the very excellent procedure to vote for this year's Ditmars. There is a very handy form on the Conjecture website which is easy to use and you can make changes to after you're done.

Don't forget that you are eligible to vote if you are a member of this year's Natcon or you were a member at last year's Natcon ie you were at Swancon.

And don't forget to vote! Voting is fun!!

A lot of people have been asking me about Natcon. Things like is there a programme? Will there be a con? Etc etc. I have found the committee to be very approachable and I suggest emailing the contacts on the website if you need help or want an answer to a question. There is a programme and as I understand it, it's still being tweaked.

I'm looking forward to the con and reckon it's gonna be lots of fun. See some of you there really really soon!!

ball of yarn

That to do list

So what was I supposed to be doing this weekend? Actually, I was supposed to be taking the two days off. Sort of. I always had Horn to proof. And the cover wasn't quite print ready. But other than that, I had a To Do list of things like read for fun, write a review for ASif (whilst technically work, it would also relieve guilt and take books off the review pile to get bookshelved away) and do some crafty things.

So since I spent the weekend whiling away with friends (not a bad way to spend it) and finishing Horn, I did this kinda last minute "quick! do all the fun things you planned for two days in the next 4 hours!" thing last night.

I've been reading a bit about feng shui and attracting the right energy and stuff. Technically I'm on the bench at the moment - icing my knee, rehydrating and getting treatment from the physio. But as benpayne and cassiphone have been joking around, that doesn't mean I can't yell at the umpire, talk to the media and look at new recruits for next season :P

*Anyway* according to Feng Shui, you should remove clutter in your home and particularly your bedroom. So decluttering my bedroom was on the list for this weekend. It turns out that decluttering your bedroom does indeed improve your energy - and how can it not?! You instantly remove all this white noise of undone things. I pile a bunch of things in my bedroom - reading to do, work to finish, statements to balance etc. I do this because actually I am a neat person and I think this is the best way to get me to stop procrastinating on things ie if the pile bothers you, you'll sort through it, do stuff, put it away and then have a nice clean space again. Except, I tend to forget what the tasks entail and then looking to find out becomes a hassle, the pile stays and eventually becomes part of the decor.

Last night I cleared all that away. Books to be read went into the books to be read shelf. What didn't fit went into the study. Finance stuff went to the in tray in my study. And DVDs I've watched went into cases and into the DVD shelf in the TV room. And then I brought in a few things that were to go into my bedroom - ambient art pieces. And placed them in the cleared space. And I went to bed with no clutter, completely sparse bedside tables and a lightness in the room and in me. Cause all the white noise of undone things was removed!


Other rooms - wardrobe, bathroom, study - to follow.

And I kept thinking, what happens when I've actually settled into this house, all my finances are sorted and done, all the paperwork is filed away and I've decluttered and tossed out all my junk? What do you do then? And the answer was - you live in a grown up space that's nice and inspiring to be in. Cool!

The other thing I did was a bit of sewing. I'm working on two projects at once. The tumbling blocks in monochrome, which need lots more diamonds to be cut. And the kimonos wall hanging. I'll take a pic of this when it's done but all the piecing of the kimonos has long been done and I've just been waiting on the borders. I won't tell you why this task has taken so long - an engineer should not have been broken by the maths. Needless to say, I bit the bullet last night and started the first side of the first of three borders. This finished piece is going to go on a wall in my bedroom and I'm looking forward to my space being less of the whiteness of blank walls and more of the warmth of handmade pieces. Hopefully I will push on and finish this piece soon.

I also have managed over the weekend to bring back reading for fun - just one chapter before bed last night but in a gorgeously tidy room, it was divine!