May 26th, 2009


tupperware party

I got Ju'ed a couple of weeks ago (see that funny play on words there? With the hidden double meaning? Now, *I* can make that joke. But you can't. It's just how it works.)

Anyway. That means that I'm having a Tupperware party this weekend. It's gonna be pretty laid back and casual. It would also be a nice opportunity to see you, make you a cup of coffee and feed you a bit of cake. So if you've nothing to do between 2 and 5pm on Saturday, come past and drop in.

If you need my address, drop me an email.

Meerkat-impersonating dogs will be there and being overexcited and enthusiastic.

ETA: I should add for context that whenever I mention Ju at home my family does a double take and says "WHAT?" - Jewish people don't call themselves or refer to others as "Jews", it tends to be a word that antisemitics use.


TV last night

If you follow me on Facebook, last night I was complaining that there was very little on TV. And there was. But then Channel 7 brought back Louis Theroux. It seems I've managed to catch all of these BB2 specials as they've been aired here and every single time through serendipity.

I've enjoyed them all and think he's awesome - Louis Theroux: Gambling in Las Vegas, The Most Hated Family in America, Under The Knife, Behind Bars and African Hunting Holiday.

Last night they showed Law and Disorder in Philadelphia - or Killadelphia - where he went on police patrols into the most dangerous parts of the city. It was utterly fascinating. Basically the conclusion was that the city has the highest murder rate in the country because everyone (in this part of town) is armed and selling or doing drugs. The police basically have absolutely no ability to deal with the situation, it is so beyond policing as a way to maintain calm and control. And they basically go into situations and clear away bodies. That seemed like all they could do.

He stopped and talked to one woman and this was the pivotal point for me of the whole episode. She'd just gotten high and he asked her how many bags a day of heroine she does. She told him 24. And he worked out that was a $240 a day heroine habit. She told him that she had spent all her money on that bag and would now have about two hours in which she needed to earn more money and score another bag. And as he's talking and working this through with her, she says, "well yeah but it's not just that, see I have a dope, crack, heroine habit."

And it struck me watching her that this was her life - get high, prostitute for money, score and then repeat. And I knew thats what being a drug addict meant - living for the next high etc. But it never really struck me how stressful that must be to hustle for that much money all the time to constantly stave off the getting sick because of withdrawal.

I wondered if that was harder work that being clean and rocking up to a desk job, doing work, having a coffee and then going home at the end of the day. My life suddenly seemed so much calmer and more restful.

I like Louis Theroux's docos because he is always thrusting himself into something and asking the stupid-sounding questions of someone who honestly doesn't know and he gets people to just tell him how it is. I particularly liked the one he did in the prisons. He spoke to men on multiple life sentences about what its like for that cage to be the rest of your life. He looked at romantic relationships inside. And he looked at how different groups interact and so on. It's fascinating. He always shows you a world that is so unlike yours and how it functions and goes on, as oblivious of you as are you are of it.

Hoping they show more of his work. I am a huge fan.