May 29th, 2009


An OCD'ers dream come true

Some of the protocol sent out by our Director to avoid spreading flu this season:

Regular hand washing after using toilets, using equipment that has been used by others, shopping etc. Regular hand washing only works when hands are properly washed immediately after being potentially contaminated, not an hour afterwards. Hands should be washed after using common equipment such as public transport, elevators, door handles, etc.

Provision of hand sanitizer at the entry to Dept buildings. Guest and visitors should be encouraged to use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving Dept buildings.

Public transport is a common place for influenza transmission, so steps should be taken to limit exposure to people exhibiting flu-like symptoms. You should consider carrying a face mask and some anti-viral hand wash whilst on public transport.

Further measures could include the adoption of a ‘no hand shaking’ for anyone exhibiting any of the above flu symptoms. Infected people blow their noses on handkerchiefs and then carry a high concentration of the virus on their hands

You know, I've been in therapy for TWO and A HALF YEARS to stop practising the above behaviour AND NOW it's DEPT POLICY.

As long as we agree that the world is fucked up.



I just realised where my creepy dream came from last night - with sea snakes n'things. From reading a novella submission last night.

The novella subs I am attracting are a weird bunch. It's funny how certain projects, for no real reason, attract one kind of story. At Shiny, a YA magazine, we get a heck of a lot of dark stories about death. Also a lot about ghosts. The novellas I am attacting are mostly urban fantasy, and kinda gruesome. But in a train wreck, can't look away, kind of way.

And they give me funny dreams.

And I must admit I have too high an acceptance rate for the novellas. Must correct that :) Stop sending such good things, people!! (What am I saying?)


Maybe I'm still asleep and this is allllll a dreeeeeam

Went to the shops at lunch to get cold and flu tabs. Came home with pseudo cold and flu tabs - like, without DRUGS! Bite me Vit C, ginger and echinacea. I want chemicals with long names!

Though, I do actually feel a bit better.

Went to the other building to get a fork. Came back having somehow been talked into preparing and giving a half-day training session. I just wanted to eat lunch.

Had this email exchange with my boss:

Boss: dont forget there are donuts, cheese and chocolate scrolls in my office so feel free to help yourselves anytime this afternoon........
Me: Chocolate scrolls?! I didn’t know there were choc scrolls!!
Boss: Use voting buttons above to acknowledge if you want a choc scroll or not…………

It must be Friday.