June 2nd, 2009


Is that the glass ceiling? - Discussion Thread breakout

A small side thread in the previous discussion is getting a bit unwieldy so it's been requested that I move it. Here it is, moved.

benpayne and I are talking about responsibility and intent - whose fault is it when you get hurt by what someone else says etc. We're just throwing round ideas. We do that on this topic every now and then and we take turns being devil's advocate as we pick the idea up and turn it around and survey it in different light and so on.

I should probably ask that if you want to comment, please comment here, even if it's in reference to something either of us said in the link above. That thread is so long, you can't see it anymore on your browser.

Where we were up to is benpayne replying to me with this Collapse )

I'm going to reply in the comments.

Dear Pixar, From All the Women with Band-Aids on their knees

Thanks to jonathanstrahan for the link.

Here's a really awesome letter to Pixar asking them to write some cool lead girls in their next movies

A couple of excerpts (but there are other great quotes in there):

Of the ten movies you've released so far, ten of them have central characters who are boys or men, or who are anthropomorphized animals or robots or bugs who are voiced by and imagined as boys or men. These movies feature women and girls to varying degrees -- The Incredibles, in particular -- but the story is never "a girl and the things that happen to her," the way it's "a boy and what happens to him."

I want so much for girls to have a movie like Up that is about someone they can dress up as for Halloween, as Anika Noni Rose said about starring as the voice in The Frog Princess. Not a girl who's a side dish, but a girl who's the big draw.

And I'd really, really like it not to be a princess.


And even many of them who do aspire to be princesses are mixing their princess tendencies with all manner of other delicious things. Their tiaras fall off when they skin their knees running at top speed; they get fingerpaint on their pink dresses; they chip their front teeth chasing each other in plastic high-heeled shoes.

There's nothing wrong with the movies you're making; I'm sure your princess movie will be my favorite one ever. I'm just saying, keep them in mind, those girls in Band-Aids, because they want to see themselves on screen doing death-defying stunts, too. You're making some of my favorite movies in the whole world right now.

Please, please make one about a girl who isn't a princess.


All and Sundry

Apparently we live in a world now where you need to specify that you want "real cheese" when ordering a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich.

There was a great thunderstorm this morning. Last night's lightning was nice but this was ... thundery!! And rain! Benji was super clingy and scaredy dog about it. Which was to his detriment cause had he gone outside to toilet himself I would have left him inside. Instead I didn't have to chase him round the house and picked him up and unceremoniously plonked him outside in the rain. I felt bad as it practically hailed on my drive into work but it's sunny and warm now.

So following on from cassiphone's Holy Crap post of holy crap - baby in 10 weeks, novel in 4 weeks realisation! Ha. Sooo not laughing. Not really.

I have three days to Natcon. Holy crap! Here is to do list. Expect it to get longer as the number of days shortens. It's not fun if it's not almost impossible!!!

- Find diary
- write editorial for Shiny 5

- sort bios for Shiny 5
- write guest blog post (written)
- sort Natcon bid speech (written)

- sort Horn launch speech
- Horn launch catering
- Books - get printed and packed (Do not panic, Peter!)
- sort flyers and other natcon bid promo material
- yoga
- complete cv edits for round 2 of critting
- send all of BoE to layout (5 stories to go)
- reschedule Swancon programming discussion meeting (emailed)
- print and post final Shiny Swancon Participation Certificates
- prep ideas for New Sekrit Project 2.
- pack
- sort Benji for stay at sister's
- get cashed up
- float and invoices etc for dealers table
- check in early for flight
- recharge ipod and download some podcasts
- sort material to pack for Helen