June 12th, 2009


As the weekend looms

Tough week, really. I was sick for a lot of it but too sick to enjoy lazing in bed. Couldn't read, couldn't focus on movies, couldn't craft. Didn't sleep it off though. Kinda just mooched and surfed the net.

Still kinda snuffly today though my head is much clearer. I have one Swancon thing to do this afternoon and then I hit the weekend ground running. I had a packed weekend scheduled but thanks to the fear of swine flu, all my plans got postponed by others and now I have a totally free pass!! OMG!! Like, what will I do with it? I could craft! I could read! I could catch up on TPP stuff! I could watch movies.. Dum dum dah!!!! I could do ALL of these things!! I might even go shoppping and catch up on the workings of my life.

Yeah, I'm kinda excited. I probably need to schedule more downtime. I'm mindful that the crazy is likely to rev up come Monday again. My diaries say that's so.

ETA: I'm going to join kaaronwarren's jaylake festival this weekend and read and review Green.


More Horn!


Things were starting to get cut a bit fine there but the rest of the HORN print run is now in.

Going to pick up more HORN this afternoon.

Also more NEW CERES NIGHTS so I can fill all those backorders too.


Swine Flu?

So, how do we know whether that's what we got at Natcon or not? Seems like a ridiculous question but a lot of us flew in from interstate so came in contact with airports. What we all had seemed pretty contagious, but relatively mild?

I just want to think I had it so that I would have the antibodies now and can stop listening to the media hype.