June 13th, 2009


Saturday Morning

Why is it that even though I go to bed later on a non-school night, I still am awake earlier than on a schoolday? As much as I tried, I didn't sleep in very well, after a late night with jonathanstrahan, crankynick and vodkandlime.

Yesterday afternoon the 2010 committee kindly let us tag along to a venue tour. Hopefully we didn't get in the way too much but you might have seen some of the fall out on my FB. I fell in love with the idea of needing a stage and theatre for some kind of Swancon Show. I'm sure the desire will subside. Eventually.

Quick drinks in the city with the lovely and most brilliant kaelajael and vodkandlime before we said goodnight to kaelajael and headed off to my place where Benji amused crankynick and we all debated with great passion and amusement all things ... well, you know.

*Some* people it seems did not pull up as well as others. Next time I will cater more proper food.

I got up lateish. Wandered off to a fave breakfast place of mine with my ARC of Green to commence my jaylake festival. I opened it and found that Jay had signed it for me which tugged at my heartstrings. Sending you thoughts of health and love, Jay.

I had a delicious special of the day - poached egss and smoked salmon on pikelets, breaking out of my no-fish/smoked salmon rule. (Rule is on OCD grounds not moral or vegetarian ones). And my reward was, to quote Ron, happiness in my mouth and the reminder that there is much joy to be found in the trying of new things.

Then I did my food shop. Blah. I hate food shopping.

And now I am contemplating a hot bath with some of my Lush products that I bought in Adelaide.

Tomorrow will be the first of our Work Sessions - group of us sitting round a table with laptops working. My intention is to finalise the TPP finances and 2008/09 (up til tomorrow) taxes. Though ... Swancon things seem to be jumping up and down and demanding time and headspace and my inbox is overflowing. And I do need to nail down the 2010 TPP publishing schedule as things are starting to look decidedly hectic.



There is no frustration quite like being frustrated with yourself. I guess it's fair to say I've spent much of the last 5? 7? 9? years feeling that way. So I don't know if it's more or less comforting to discover that I can still be frustrated at me even if I deal with all the crap that initially pissed me off about myself.

Kinda like ... always wanting to paint my room purple and couldn't be happy unless it was purple, until one day I did paint it purple and then realised that I actually hate the colour purple.

The above example is hypothetical. Purple is in fact my favourite colour. Except for green. And pink.

You see what I mean?

Got the sat'dee night ARGHS!


This happened to me today - I was doing my grocery shopping and a friend of the ex's mother full on stopped me and made me justify and defend why I am not finishing my thesis. This shit seriously happens in my life. It's surreal. WTF business is it of hers?