June 22nd, 2009


I don't like Monday Mornings

Triple J are taunting me with their playing of the new Regina Spektor album. Harumph. I checked in JB Hi Fi and it doesn't come out till the 26th. Want want want it.

I had a funny dream last night. The whole weekend I kept wanting to call Benji "Sabby" - the name of the last dog I lived with (the ex's boxer who was lovely but kinda mean). Anyway, I'm sure that's why I dreamed of him last night. In fact for some reason I was trying to drink some kind of chicken flavoured lemonade whilst I was sitting at a very long table where people had brought all kinds of desserts and were sharing these out up and down the table.

After I couldn't stomach the chicken flavoured lemonade, A from work and I popped past my ex's new house which was built on the top of a hill, almost on a precipice, and I did some quick engineering scout around the foundations of the building and thought that it wasn't properly sealed and supported and that would slowly disintegrate under it. I didn't say that to my ex but I went out to the back balcony and knelt down and gave Sabby a really really big hug to say goodbye and the sweet thing lay his head on my shoulder.

I can't remember now if I said goodbye properly when I left. I was still looking after him a bit at my house after I moved out so maybe I never really did say a big goodbye cause I didn't know that the last time was the last time?


Random Facts about Natcons

Swancon 5, 1980, was the first time Perth held a Natcon and that was Natcon 19.

Seattle, USA, held the 24th Natcon - Spawncon - and there was a BogusCon in Adelaide - Advention 85.

Natcons in Perth:
Swancon 5 (Park Towers Hotel) (1980 - Natcon 19)
Swancon XI (Miss Mauds Hotel) (1986 - Natcon 25)
Swancon 14 (King's Park Ambassador Hotel) (1989 - Natcon 28)
Swancon 18 (Ascot Inn) (1993 - Natcon 32)
Festival of the Imagination (King's Perth Hotel) (1996 - Natcon 35)
Swancon 25 (Ascot Inn) (2000 - Natcon 39)
Swancon 2001 (26) (Rydge's Hotel) (2001 - Natcon 40)
Swancon 2003 (28) (King's Hotel)(2003 - Natcon 42)
Swancon 33 (All Season's Hotel) (2008 - Natcon 47)

Swancon 36 (2011 - Natcon 50)

10 out of the 50, which seems like the proportionate number, despite the tall tales :P

Why yes, I am research girl today. Info taken from Natcon 2007 website Convergence



I love reading about things from totally new perspectives.

Here's an article that I was pointed to: Confessions of a Non-serial Killer. It's an article by a man who was the target of a conspiracy theorist who fancied himself as a code-breaker and who thought he had found the Zodiac Killer.

What I loved about this article was how it's actually a really interesting commentary on a phenomenon I think we are living through - Murder as Entertainment. Or something more catchy, it's Monday afternoon and I've been wading through endless committee meeting minutes (I sit on 6 committees these days - work and outside work - that IS crazy, right?)

In any case, we now can view more murders on our weeknight television screens than actually occur in real life. Most murders, at least here in Perth, are committed as part of domestic violence or conflict of some kind, occur in the heat of the moment and are committed by someone known to the victim. In other words, most murders are not mysteries begging to be solved. In fact, I would argue we have almost fetishised the serial killer with the proportion of air time this genre now gets each week. As though there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of people out there plotting and planning elaborate clues to leave behind after they defile or desecrate the bodies of their victims. And that these acts are delicately linked to some kind of horrible trauma or cruel past experienced by the killer that they are trying to poetically express, through the killing and then the trail of clues.

As though there are hundreds or thousands of genuis sociopaths out there each looking to elaborately kill a chain of people who all fit in to some kind of pattern or MO.

What is it that fascinates us about people like this - is it the delicious fear of being outwitted by someone completely ammoral and violent? Is it the idea that even the most quick-witted, brilliant and sadistic person can be easily found and put behind bars in 42 minutes by the average (not brilliant, but perhaps scripted to be witty) police detective?

I don't know.

But what I like about what this article is saying is what happens when the average person thinks they are a role in Medium or Law and Order but actually, is not. And gets it oh so wrong. What it is saying is we live in a zeitgeist where all mysteries can be solved and often by the rogue citizen. It must be so - it's on TV. That makes it true. Right?


Finally sitting here at the end of the day

Tomorrow I have to attend a half day workshop that I don't wanna cause it starts at 9.30 and is about a 40 min drive north.

Yesterday I was slightly taken aback by everyone showing up to my place with some food. Not that I don't like to do the same when I go somewhere but I was all, "My friends don't think I can cater!" To which the reply came back, "Your Facebook status said 'Need chocolate'"
Doh! Have good friends :)

I'm getting a lot of sympathy for our 7 hour meeting yesterday but honestly, only brains got broken because we worked solidly and brainstormed, and then did fine-level work, and did a lot of workshopping rather than presenting formulated ideas that were prepared earlier. It was really productive - mostly in the way that productive means creating new long to do lists.

I had something else to post but my brain still appears to be broken.

ETA: Just had a mini freakout because Benji came in from outside with a dirty mouth and then appeared to be playing with something in the dining room that he brought in with him. Turned out to be a snack that he must have buried for later. But it occurs to me I have no plan if that were to have been, say, a mouse.