June 23rd, 2009



Just spent the morning doing job stuff that is pretty much the one thing that I hate - it makes me feel frustrated, hamstrung, depressed. It's left me feeling all out of sorts and meh.

It's a lovely wintry day though - which feels odd to comment on on June 23rd but such is our odd climate these days.

I have a very good cup of coffee. I ran some errands at lunchtime - Mr Rudd officially stimulated Peter Ball's Horn now. And it's sort of nearly hometime.


Well then

Possibly related to the dream I had two nights ago...

Just found out this second, that the ex is getting married on Sunday.

He asked her yesterday.

Her visa is running out.

I should *feel* something right now, but I don't.

ETA: I'm reminded of that scene from When Harry Met Sally - "He just didn't want to marry *me* ... and I'm gonna be 40..."

But ... you know, I really would rather be alone. I really am ok. And I'm kinda shocked that I am unaffected. *Waits for shock to kick in*