June 24th, 2009


Pineapple and Gin

I felt last night needed some kind of nod in some sort of alcoholic/wallowing way but all I had was gin and pineapple juice. I did have bacardi and had I known ...

Anyway. It was what you would expect that to taste like. And mostly it was this kinda fake wallowing act that mostly looked like chatting to a couple of people online, watching Grand Designs (that house was butt ugly) and sewing my new patchwork project and watching episodes of Season 2 of Enterprise. [1] And realising I am actually pretty damn content in my world.

However, the entire exercise was worthwhile for this comment alone, left by robinpen on my Facebook Status.

"I now have images of you in dressing gown and thick socks holding a gin bottle going through the pantry looking for anything ANYTHING that could go with it. You pause at the tin of peaches. You, hmm, at the jar of Nutella. You are about to grab the Lime cordial when you spot the pinapple. PINEAPPLE! That goes with anything. They put it on pizza. It has to go with gin. The opening of the tin. The one last pause as you requestion your decision of pineapple, but it's a short pause. You get the glass, you only half carefully judge the amount of gin. You go with the slightly more generous. Then you pour the chuncks of juice in. You don't hesitate to taste as you have a sense of commitment. You consider the sensation carefully. Then give a shrug of what the hell and saunter out of the kitchen with a sense of scavenger satisfaction. A job well done!"

That just makes anything better, doesn't it? *grins*

[1]Oh my freaking hell but did they think they'd reinvigorate the franchise by just showing more nudity or something? Got to an episode where T'Pol goes behind a white sheet hanging on a line and takes off her clothes and puts on a dress showing her full, naked silhouette. TWICE! And I'm yelling at the screen, "that does not make up for the stupid, stupid plot that is this episoide!"


Where I'm at

cassiphone said to me yesterday - you just might have to accept the fact that you might be over him.

I've been mulling this thought over since cause ... well ... the whole thing actually just feels totally unrelated to me. Which means of course that the hard work I put in, lo this past 18 months, was genuine and well worth the effort. I guess it means I really am a stronger, happier and more robust person, which was the point of the whole darn exercise.

I shared the news with A this morning at work. The cool thing about being the friend is you get to be the one to be shocked, disapproving and snarky - as y'all have done. It's the point of being the friend - to make your friend feel better. And it means I get to stand here and just ... roll with it. And as I summed it up to her, this is how I feel - my happiness is my own. And it's unrelated to him. And that means that whether he's happy or unhappy is of no consequence to me. Either way, it is unrelated to my own happiness.

This is what flinthart was trying to teach me, or was leading me towards finding (wanky sounding or not) - to be in control of my own emotions and not to be led around by them. I was worried it would mean that I would be less passionate. More Vulcan. Less ... embracing and full-feeling of the world and experience around me. But actually, it enables you to remain happy even in the face of unpleasant things.

I didn't want that life. I didn't have the strength to make that decision for myself and to walk away but I wasn't happy and I didn't want it. And since it ended, I have been to NYC, London, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Istanbul. I've had the odd fling or two. I've lived alone. I've met a whole new tonne of awesome people, expanded my own social network, developed new friendships and deepened established ones. I've reestablished a whole lot of interests that had gotten moved out of my life due to being of no interest to him. I've beaten some of my own demons, conquering the depression, the anxiety and the OCD. I've pushed for my own job promotion. I've learned how to pay bills and run a whole house, my way. I've become a dog owner. I've established a small business. I've been drawn further and further into local and national fandom.

I've become a person too busy to manage her own social calendar. Who discovered it's a lot of fun to be out 6 nights a week. And that it's also just as fun to spend a night in on her own. I discovered a lot about myself and about people. I've created a home that is forever being frequented by people who fill it with laughter and friendship.

I've had a frickin' awesome time. And I don't plan on stopping :)



When you have a tooth ache, you go to a dentist and you ask the dentist to fix it. And you trust that the dentist's professional accreditation, degrees and work experience enable them to do the job.

When you're sick you go to a doctor. The doctor examines you, runs a few tests and decides on a prognosis. If you don't like it, or are a bit worried, you might go for a second opinion. But in the end, you accept, especially if those two doctors agree, the prognosis and the process of treatment.

Why then do we as a society belittle and downgrade the qualifications of our scientists? Why do we assume that qualifications and accreditations give expertise to doctors, lawyers, accountants and plumbers but not scientists? Why do we decide, that without our own similar qualifications, we know better than the experts? Why are we so mistrusting? Why do we question the motives of a group of people who do not even profit from their own work output???

FAMILY First senator Steve Fielding has made up his mind on global warming - there's not enough evidence that it's real.

After talks with the government and top scientists, Senator Fielding, whose vote could be crucial in passing the Federal Government's plan to put a price on carbon emissions, has released a document setting out his position.

"Global temperature isn't rising," it says.

Senator Fielding says he would not risk job losses on "unconvincing green science" to set up a carbon emissions trading scheme (ETS).


Frankly the whole debate over whether climate change is happening is tiresome to me. It's so fricking old and boring.

In Perth, it is June 24, and in our wettest month of the year, the one that brings us a sizeable chunk of the water we need for the rest of the year, we have had 3 rain days. On average I think its about 25 or 30.

But you know, whatever. ACTUAL evidence that the climate is changing - like a 30% reduction in rainfall for this decade ... like, more than one anomalous year record - is of no concern for those who have interest in the economic status quo.

It's tiresome to be asked to explain a whole discipline of science in two easy to understand sentences. It's tiresome that those asking don't understand that in fact, climate change science spans a whole bunch of scientific discplines and that we have only been working on understanding this seriously for maybe 15 years. Pretty sure germs took a lot longer to understand. Or ... I dunno, astrophysics? Aeronautics? But climate change science? That we have to get right the first time we try to explain it. Or the idea that we don't rigorously audit the work of each other? Or try to repeat it in our own studies. Or that we are all some unquestioning narrow minded group of thousands and thousands of people across the world.

You know what? I'm am environmental engineer. I've been studying and trying to mathematically model one kind of ecosystem since 1998. With every iteration, new questions get thrown out, new things that need to be investigated and understood. New relationships between variables are discovered to exist, to hinge on a third or fourth and fifth variable. All of which are similarly currently still being understood. Imagine constructing a mathematical model of say 150 variables, all of which interrelate in nonlinear ways and they trying to predict the weather for 3 months time, based only on the climate for the last 100 years, which is not actually well recorded, well understood and was changing.

Is it no frigging surprise then that the relationship between global temperature and the CO2 in the atmosphere is not linear? Why would you expect it to be?

And that is why Senator Fielding deserves no respect. He and his cronies scorn academia and the intellectual elite. They insult higher learning by insisting that we dumb it all down to the mediocre. And if they are allowed to win, then we deserve what we get - unimaginative, reactive, uninformed solutions that are actioned too little and too late. We have the chance to be inventive and to lead the world on this issue. We won't though and this is yet another example of the head decision makers across this fine brown land letting us all down.

While they piss around in parliament on this, the rest of the world (and in fact, at lower level govt across this country) is already planning and designing systems to cope with climate change. Check your house and contents insurance fine print next time, and tell me whether the jury is still out on climate change. Hasn't been in the majority of the science field for a good long time now.


*shakes head*

So, being Premier of a state is not the same as king. Even if you act like it.

What are the chances that Barnett (of the big channel fame) got his sketches for the riverside foreshore assessed for envionmental impacts?

Cause ... ah ... hate to tell him but DPI has a maximum number of days for flushing and that big old square swimming pool thing off to the side of the river looks ... like its gonna be a big old smelly stagnant unflushing pool to me.

Is it just me, or when you have WHOLE DEPARTMENTS of experts, presenting "a couple of sketches" as a vision for Perth at a press meeting, a bit ... pathetic?

And ahhh ... where's the prime real estate for that "useless bit of turf" that people seem to use now for open recreational space when working all day in the concreted city if you flood it?

I dunno, couple of ideas off the top of *my* head.

(Opinions expressed are mine alone)

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have a CV. It's been edited, picked over, rewritten, laid out (many thanks to vodkandlime and then proofed and reproofed. This baby is ready to rock and roll and tomorrow she gets shipped out. And the best bit is, the main person I want to send it to has been on leave all this time and only just got back. Woot!

I'm drinking pineapple juice straight up. And discovered I could have had rum and coke yesterday, if I'd looked more closely in my fridge.

I had a very disappointing cup of coffee this afternoon - from the new place in the city. Third time there. Probably won't go back since my $4 coffee was undrinkable. Most disappointed. Coffee house success so relies on more than one person to be able to use the machine.

I'm experimental in the kitchen this week :) and made a mushroom and artichoke risotto with olives and capers for dinner. It um ... still needs improvement.

Had an odd thing in a meeting today with someone who usually is sorta ... I dunno ... being really overly nice. Like pointing out what a pretty head I have. In the middle of a big board meeting thing. Weird.

I've been comfort eating a bit lately. Something I had worked on cutting out of my lifestyle. It's not related to the news from yesterday as it's been going on for a week or so. I think I might feel a bit overwhelmed workload wise. I'll pause for laughter there. Anyway, it seems that it doesn't matter how many calories you consume, none of your to do list gets done. So I was wandering into the store on the way home tonight and imagining all the nice things I could buy to take home and thinking that well maybe I was allowed a moment or two to indulge. Except, I don't cause yo, not wallowing! So I walked out with a weight watchers sticky date pudding and a bunch of pretty tulips which I have in my bedroom and are most definitely cheering me up more than a block of chocolate.

Now ... the workload on the other hand ...