June 30th, 2009



Feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed out and low in energy at the moment.

Went to a 4 hour meeting today which further depressed me cause ... I so love the current job I have and won't have soon.

But at the end of the meeting, someone else suggested I send her my cv because she has some positions open and then as I was thinking about how I nearly didn't go to the meeting at all, I looked up and there was the clearest full rainbow I have ever seen stretching out over the Narrow's Bridge, each end in the river on either side.

My heart was so uplifted and I got to enjoy it driving all the way back to my office, still complete and sometimes with a double above it. Glorious!

Feel less depressed :)

ETA: AWWWWWWWWW Sent my CV off and just got an immediate phonecall to check it was ok to forward it onto other people (so yes, thanks for asking!!) and then she finished with, "I've heard good things about you, so I'm sure it'll be fine."

OK. No more moping for me - that and the rainbow have brightened me up!