July 2nd, 2009


gmail upgrade

Gmail has upgraded it's labelling system with a drag and drop feature. For my convenience, it has selected my most used labels to display on the side and hidden the other 186. My most used labels are:

Biancotti Collection
Horn Monies
New Ceres Nights
Novella Angel Rising Sales
Shiny 5
Swancon 36

I think that about sums it up.

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Foggy brain

Came home unwell this afternoon - was not quite right going into work this morning and must have been running a fever. I thought it was hot in the meeting room and stripped down which drew attention and C pointing out how rugged up the other 20 people in the room were, implying they were right and the room was freezing. I thought my building was over heated for much of the day too. I didn't feel sick but I felt off and eventually concentration waned and the call of lying down in a bed won and I went home. Slept for two hours. Watched a loooot of Enterprise (hey, they changed the tempo of the theme song in Season 3) and am starting to feel better.

My line manager thinks I'm burning out and suggested I work from home tomorrow or one day next week to break up the week (which sounds like the better choice).

I think possibly my Crohn's is slightly out of whack. I have had indigestion for about the last week and haven't eaten anything with tomatoes etc for that reason in days.

Which leads me back to the stressed thing. I have stripped back a lot of commitments and apologised and not made a lot of arrangements. I probably need to start seriously structuring TPP into my week and setting aside formalised work time. And have some kind of work schedule other than a to do list - I have started a spreadsheet but the number of projects that had to go into it to be managed was a bit scary. I'm sure this is all just the settling into the realisation that I really am laying down some more netting in preparation for the leap. Which I'm about to make.