July 3rd, 2009


It's very hard to balance a laptop on your knee and work when you have a small dog insisting on lying on your other leg. How can that even be comfortable?

Further, it's very difficult to take said small dog seriously when he is wearing a rain jacket with the number 1 on his back.

Puppy is getting a haircut tomorrow. He has no idea.



Such a contrast to yesterday, I feel like I got a lot done today.

- Wrote and submitted two grant proposals. Unsure if they were eligible to be submitted by email but I only had one of the projects pitched to me on Weds so that was the best we could do under the circumstances.
- In putting together the proposals, we nutted out some good wording for TPP which will be useful elsewhere.
- Sent one of the final four shorts for A Book of Endings to layout. Read the reworked version of POLD which is coming together nicely and is so different from the original version. Talked over changes to Six Suicides.
- Sent off more of the Aurealis Award judging copies - spent all week doing this, have ALMOST finished for currently published TPP works, which puts me halfway through for this year's schedule. A loooot of judges ... a loooot of copies. All separately posted out.
- Updated News on ASif!
- took advantage of half the Swancon committee being on school holidays and delegated some tasks :)
- invoiced and packaged up book sales from today to be posted tomorrow
- caught up on some of the Shiny slush backlog ... still getting there
- finally came to terms with Plan B, moved beyond the fear, took the leap. And started the big spreadsheet to do list of project management.