July 8th, 2009



I'm almost out the door to see the animated shorts at the Revelation Festival tonight - should be something light to distract me. I ended up missing last night's movie due to an unexpected medical procedure. Which hurt.

I hope I get to see some other stuff in this film festival but alas, my head is really not in the game this week.

kathrynlinge and I are gonna splash out and go Gold Class to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I've always wanted go see a movie Gold Class, this seems like a good one to get tacos in or whatever.


Been without lj all day, it's been tough.

I got personal shit going on behind the scenes for a bit so ... posts might be down to what I achieved today.

What I achieved:

Got out of bed.
Great work day things of which I cannot blog
Organised all the forms and files to get TPP books properly listed in Nielsen Bookscan Database
Line edited Problems of Light and Dark
Line edited Six Suicides
Got the printing quote for BoE
Drafted the back cover blurb for BoE
Started sorting the writing contract for BoE
Proofed the TPP catalogue in prep for mailout