July 9th, 2009


Stuff n nonsense

The animated shorts were fun last night. We started with a glass of white, which may have helped. Lots of the shorts were short - between 5 and 7 minutes - and that was good if you didn't like a particular one. Course the one I really really really hated was 27 minutes long. 27 minutes of immature, overwriting with explanation of the unsubtle, predictable plot and the jokes. I kinda want that half an hour of my life back. Luckily the final work, which had technical difficulties (losing sound) and we had to hang around whilst they fiddled, was worth both the wait and sitting through a couple of the other, lesser works. It was really fantastic - moody, atmospheric, poignant with cool sound. Liked it.

I'm toying around with ideas whilst in a very tunnel visioned headspace at the moment. I've been thinking about a flip remark with lyndahawryluk about taking a house in Santorini for 6 months and working on TPP online from there - why not? You wouldn't notice the difference at all as long as the wifi is cheap and fast (not, you'll note, how I prefer my men :P). I also have long had a dream of taking a house in Tuscany for a year - one with a big orchard and a big patio to sit at a table and work, all day long, overlooking undulating countryside. I was gonna write a novel there. I probably shouldn't write a novel, on account of the fact that the two I have already written are pretty shite. But I could certainly edit there, gosh that would be fun. Long summer days, long hot summer nights ...

I'm 33 years old. It's kinda time to get on with the getting on with living. And the above tells me that I really really really wanna go to Mediterranean :)



Just realised, I could have ploughed all that cash into Aussie small press OR I could have done another tour around Europe.


Missing Paris today. A lot.

ETA: Also, moment of full clarity on Tues lets me know, I made the right choice :) Still missing Paris today.

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I always seem to wear vampire related tshirts to Thursday night yoga - yes I have more than one.

I wonder what the woman who faces me thinks? I wonder if she'll appreciate my "And then Buffy Staked Edward. The End" shirt tonight.