July 10th, 2009


Don't think I'll become a morning person

Yeah, still went to bed after midnight last night. I just can't look away from the Enterprise episodes. And Season 3 is nearly done. Wonder how long I will stick out before chasing down Season 4. The lovely catsparx has posted me some Cracktastic Classic Trek for distraction so I think I will move onto that for now. Also, I have a ton of DVDs sitting there to be watched. Though I'm not too good on finding the time and attention span for movies right now.

Anyway, we were up very early this morning - that's around 7/7.30am for you morning freaks - waiting for the plumber. He didn't arrive till 8am but I was at least dressed and sort of breakfasted and caught up on email. Even opened some of my paper mail too - I'm kinda crap at that. It becomes a problem when the paper mail is bills.

Plumber agreed with my assessment - drains overflowing and thus blocked. You know, I'm really not down with that - I have a dog who goes outside. And I have drains that overflow. It seems to me, in hygeine terms, these things should really not be allowed to mix. Anyway, assessment - clay pipes, they are porous, tree roots get in, it's going to be an ongoing problem. I told him I'd see him in 6 months.

Then Benji ran off down the street. Bloody dog. Though somewhat amusing now that he is wearing a red jacket and can actually be spotted off in the distance. Dog came back. Got disciplined and resent inside.

I ran some errands before heading into work. Came into work and have somehow overcatered for my day. I made two sandwiches to be toasted for lunch. I for some reason bought scones at the canteen and then discovered we had morning tea. Scones and lunch remain sitting on my desk. I really am not a morning person for a reason!

I've started moving Twelfth Planet Press news and updates back over to the the Twelfth Planet Press blog, and will do that more and more - twelfthplanet.

And now I am sitting here in some discomfort and wondering if I should be back at home, and why I was not warned against physical exercise? Was it implied? Course now it's bucketing down. And a tonne of work seems to have found its way to me. And my weekend is looking jam packed.

Ahhh must be Friday, eh?

ocd kinda day

I just spent much longer than I care to tell you googling to find regulations on household plumbing to see if its possible for toilet water to come out my shower when the pipes get blocked. Cause even though the plumber was here today, I just took a shower and ... it wasn't draining so good.

For the life of me, I can't find anything that says that's impossible, and trying to go through how *I* think pipes work, I don't see how it's impossible either, depending on where the blockage is.

You'd have to think it would be bad practice.

And that I'm having a stressful week and now it's starting to show round the edges.