July 12th, 2009


The sweet taste of cosmic karma

I'm sitting here sipping an utterly divine cup of coffee. kathrynlinge brought me such a special gift back from SF - a *pound* of Heavy Rescue coffee from apparently the best place in Mission for coffee. I wasted no time trying it out - grinding up and then brewing a fresh cup this morning. Instructions said that it tasted chocolatey if heavy cream and brown sugar were added so I instead added a dollop of condensed milk.

Mmmmmm ... delicious!!!

And especially delicious as she presented me with the present not 10 minutes after I had done an emergency coffee bean run for someone currently afar who sent an SOS to send coffee. I had stood there wondering whether I should get myself a bag since I was low at home but decided against. And then I got a *pound* of special blend not 10 minutes later!!!

So having another cup as soon as this one is done!


Woot!!! Weekend!!

Oh yeah baby! Lazy Sunday morning - cranked open the Hottest 100 of All Time and got another cup of coffee. Sundays were made for jumping round in your pjs to Sweet Child O Mine! We live it up at Chez GJ. Turns out, Benji might like Guns and Roses. Hmmm ... Sabby was much cooler in his taste of music...

My post on the coffee kinda summarised my weekend so far. Full of serendipity. I got to sleep in yesterday morning, which never happens for me on a Saturday. I was just figuring out how I might spend my late morning when I got a random phonecall to meet for coffee - wasn't really that into getting out of bed so "early" but by happenstance we ended up meeting up with someone with some super exciting news [blog currently under embargo] and I was very happy to have been there in person to hear that.

I came home and did a nice twelfthplanet work session and then ducked out to meet up with N, kathrynlinge, vodkandlime and crankynick to see We Are Wizards - a doco on Harry Potter fandom which was showing at the Astor as part of the Revelation Festival. OMG that was probably the best movie I've seen all year. I laughed so hard that my face hurt afterwards. And I discovered Wizard Rock, something I had been lost with without. And a band in particular called the Draco Malfoys who are excellent! Though I also like the guys from Harry and the Potters who were very funny. And ... we NEED to organise a showing of Wizard People, Dear Reader (http://www.illegal-art.org/video/wizard.html). Feels like a good Friday night sort of thing to do. Too too good.

We were in high spirits after the movie and went for a coffee and catch up which also involved much more laughing. And was a really really good day.

Then I had dinner with the fam and saw my cousin briefly. We had some more discussions about family things which is always nice to do in person.

And then on the way home, I was thinking about things, which I'll blog separately in a second, and the most brilliant, bright and large shooting star shot across the sky. It lasted for so long that I had time to think, "ooh shooting star! Quick make a wish!" and then have thought my instant wish and discarded it for the more serious wish. Not sure which one becomes the legal wish but it was by far the best shooting star I've ever seen.

Now I'm working on more TPP stuff and listening to the radio. I think I have managed to have a relaxing, uplifting yet productive weekend.


Sigh. How did I live in this house alone before? I'm sitting in bed, sewing and working in equal parts and I have a sweet little puppy snoozing on my feet.

Life is good :)