July 16th, 2009


In summary

Thank you to whomever extended my livejournal paid account. I'm really touched.

kathrynlinge and I tried out the Halfpipe cinema last night to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on beanbags. Somewhat skeptical when we first sat down (I might have felt like the position might be better for labour rather than movie watching) I did really enjoy it. The bags are filled with foam not beans so it's not noisy to wriggle and the lying down thing definitely helps with the 3 hour movie enjoyment. Also you have lots of room to spread out which is nice too.

I liked the movie. Though it was long and they did cut stuff out (yo the book is really really long), I dug it. I'm gonna go dig out our copies of HP for some comfort reading I think. Also, was fun to hang out with K and do something utterly silly.

My house though suffered from a housebound bored puppy. He ... had a bit of fun, I suspect. It's raining and windy and cold so I have been keeping him inside. He is feeling caged, I suspect. I have been taking him out for walks but I think he is a dog who loves company and is really feeling the long days alone. I'll probably cut back on some commitments next week to be a better pup mum.

I've been thinking a lot about the post I made yesterday about the feminist fight and the really awesome comments that were made in response. I've been a staunch feminist since I was 15, or younger. So that's 18 years of doing this. Maybe it is ok to take a break, to leave this end of the battle to someone else. And to finally go and do that which I am so vocal about. Maybe the being vocal and explaining and arguing does the most inciduous - maybe it is yet another way to distract and derail - I'm thinking on that a lot. Maybe there are better ways for me to channel my passion.


Because the world is shiny now and made of chocolate cake

Well, actually maybe it's at least a *little bit* shinier?

I was working through comments to one of my posts and the awesomely cassiphone commented these words, a statement on Twitter that I need that as an icon and look what lauredhel did!!!

This week feels like it's been such a huge personal struggle. I feel completely out of sorts and I feel like I've had to fight hard for the simplest of things. I feel like I should feel triumphant for the wins, therefore, but all I feel is tired.

I do feel loved though and maybe that's better anyhow.


Female Appreciation Month Day 3

Here's Yael Naim covering Britney Spear's "Toxic". The first time I heard this I did a double take - really? She's really covering Britney? - but then I remembered that music in Israel is a lot more commercial, I found, and also this is a fucking awesome cover of a song that was essentially a shallow, pointless excuse for Britney to wriggle onscreen. Here is what someone with depth, passion and subtlety can do with the same song.

The song Yael Naim is known for is "New Soul" - here's a link to that. Triple J gave it a lot of airplay. It's sampled on the latest Girl Talk album. And Apple used it to launch and promote the new Macbook Air. This last one catapulted her into the Billboard Hot 100 at number 9, making her the first Israeli solo artist to ever be in the US Top 10 charts. Naim was born in Paris to French and Tunisian Sephardi-Jewish parents. She moved with her family to Israel when she was 4. (all info from Wikipedia)

I love "New Soul" a lot, it's so upbeat and happy but it's also really deep and thoughtful. The self-titled album on which it sits is utterly gorgeous - there are songs in English, Hebrew and French and she sings all three languages so clearly that I can understand bits of the Hebrew and French songs and can also sing along. Listening to this album reminds me of Israel, my family, Paris, long summer days and green grass. It's just so joyful, simple and pure.

Margo Lanagan. A reminder to me that, what with all that is cruel and unfair and unjust in the world, true talent and skill will, at the end of the day, always triumph. And I should have faith.

I don't know that I love reading her work, I don't know that I *should* love reading it. I know that whenever I get a new piece of her work I feel a thrill shiver up my spine and put the piece to the side to savour and to read as a reward or as a reminder that there are good writers out there writing. Lanagan's work is confronting and gruelling to read. She offers the enviable combination of beautiful, exquisite writing paired with grotesque horrifying imagery. My favourite piece of hers from last year was a version (a foul version) of Hansel and Gretel called "The Goosle" which made me feel physically ill after reading. I haven't finished reading her new novel Tender Morsels but what I have read so far is very very disturbing.

The thing though that gets me about Lanagan is not that what she is describing is stomach churningly revolting, though it is, but that more often that not, her tales are of children being placed in situations where they are unprotected and being taken advantage of by adults for their own pleasure. She shines a light on the disturbing and gruesome parts of our own world and forces us to confront the truth about some children's life experiences. And she reminds us that to be too sheltered leaves us unprotected against the real evil in this world. Lanagan's view is unflinching and her glare is severe. Her work is unforgettable, controversial and brilliant.

Not a new discovery but rather a kick arse suggestion in the spirit of this project - thanks carolryles - Chrissie Hynde with "Hymn to Her":

She will always carry on
Something is lost
Something is found
They will keep on speaking her name

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